Tips for Choosing Ceiling Lamps

Tips for Choosing Ceiling Lamps

Last update: 19 January, 2019

Read our tips if you have any doubts about choosing the best ceiling lamps for your house. 

There are so many different types of ceiling lamps. However, a lot of people aren’t sure which design is best for their home.  That’s why we have some tips for you when it comes to choosing ceiling lamps.

Of course, you have to keep the type and design of the lamp in mind. They tend to attract our attention since they’re completely separate from the rest of our furniture. So, you won’t have to worry too much about style, design, and shape.

Types of bell

To start, we’re going to tell you about the different types of bells that ceiling lamps can have. We’ll highlight three types:

  • Closed bell: opaque body, useful for projecting light towards a specific point. It has a focused column of light that indirectly radiates into the rest of the room, lighting the entire space.
  • Open work bell: open body, not opaque and has a more innovative design. Sometimes, they look like spider webs. This type doesn’t direct the light toward a specific point, instead, it spreads the light throughout the room.
  • Transparent bell: usually made of glass (resistant and transparent). It projects part of the light towards the ground while the rest fills the room.

Which works best for your home? They’re all great choices, it’ll just depend on the room’s design and how much light you want.

Ceiling lamps: styles and shapes

ceiling lamps

There’s a wide variety of lamps. Regardless of the decorative style of your home, you can find any of the following ceiling lamps in stores:

  • Industrial: rounded bell and simple design. It comes in different colors and can even be treated to look worn so it’s more informal. These lamps are usually made of metal.
  •  Globe: a rounded style that encloses the bulb more and widens the body from small to larger from the beginning of the bell. These lamps are usually made of metal and cloth, like Chinese-style lamps.
  • Cylinder: these are hanging screens that cover the bulb, but the light escapes from above and below. They can be found in metal and cloth.
  • Spider: has several arms with light bulbs on each one. It helps to diffuse the light.
  • Ball: conceals the bulb, but the material is openwork, not opaque. These are mostly made of metal.
  • Arabic: this lamp conceals the bulb so it can’t be seen. They’re very detailed and the metal is meticulously carved. This style is great for historicist, exotic or Muslim designs.
  • Openwork: the light bulb is visible, radiates a lot of light and can have very original designs. They’re usually made with wire, but can also be found in cloth.
  • Focus: direct light projection. This style is simple and functional. It’ll turn your space into a professional studio or study. It’s very useful if you want to show off a specific element in the house (works of art, objects, etc.).
  • Contemporary forms: you might find other designs. Nowadays, they make a lot of different types so they can commercialize new ideas. You can even find patterns so you can make your own design at home.

Hanging or attached to the ceiling

We’re used to seeing ceiling lamps that hang; there’s even some that give us the option to raise and lower them according to our needs.

Hanging lamps look great aesthetically, but that means they’ll be a focal point of the room. Choosing the right piece can have a major effect on the decor of the room.

There’s also another type of lamp that adheres to the ceiling. This type of lamp doesn’t take up a lot of space, simplifies the decoration on the ceiling and won’t overpower the space.

There are many different styles of these lamps and they usually have simple designs. Of course, since they’re not hanging lamps, they’re not meant to be a focal point of the room.

Types of lighting

Light is the main complement that will show off the room’s decoration. So, it’s important that you choose your light bulb carefully. Light and aesthetics don’t have to contradict one another, they’re actually allies. 

  • Low energy bulbs (LED): help save us money on our energy bills. You should choose warm light for spaces like the living room and bedrooms. On the other hand, white light is perfect for rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. 
  • Incandescent light bulb: traditional bulb. They usually consume more energy, but its lighting is warm and effective. Highly recommended for bedrooms.
  • Halogen eco bulb: better performance than the other ones and have the maximum efficiency. They offer a cozier type of light and are adjustable. They also help you save on your energy bill.


It’s not hard to choose the right lamp. You just have to pay attention to the details of both the bell and the bulb. Figure out which type of light will make your room the most comfortable, calm and relaxing space possible.