4 Vintage Lamp Ideas for Your Living Room

Are you a fan of vintage but don't want it to dominate your living room? In our post, we'll show you a subtle yet elegant way to use it in your decor with these vintage lamps.
4 Vintage Lamp Ideas for Your Living Room

Last update: 05 January, 2019

Vintage living room lamps have become a must-have decor piece for anyone who finds the past enchanting.

Vintage has grown in popularity over the past years thanks to the fact that it’s a style that enables you to use old items or new ones that just look antique.

It’s an elegant style that’s inspired by the 30s and 40s. Today, the vintage style has a lot of variations.

One example is the classic vintage style. It features a romantic, classical ambiance that uses modern elements, which work with other elements that have an antique and classical design.

Another variation is deep vintage. This vintage variation only uses antiques. Some pieces are collector’s items with others are restored objects.

In our post today, we’ll show you 4 vintage lamp ideas for your living room that you’ll love. They will definitely leave an impression on your guests.

The first lamps

Throughout history, lamps have gone through several different phases.

vintage lamps 1

In the beginning, back in Neolithic times, people used clay or stone containers that held a flammable oily liquid.

Each town and culture used their own containers and the oily liquid varied as well depending on the region because people had to use what they could readily have available.

Some places used lard while others used benzene. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, people used olive oil.

These days, people mostly use lamps to light up spaces. Lamps come in all kinds of designs.

Vintage lamps for your living room

Just as we mentioned earlier, lamps are a fundamental accessory in our everyday life. We use them almost everywhere: streets, homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc.

For homes, good lighting is vital for carrying out family activities.

L iving room lamps aren’t just important for functional purposes, but for aesthetic ones as well.

The vintage living room lamps that we’ll show you below will give your home personality and charm.

Glass chandeliers

These ceiling lights first came onto the scene in the 17th centuryThey started out with wood and candles.

However, over time, people started using more luxurious materials like metal and glass.

Vintage lamps 2

And that’s how they started lighting and adorning the most majestic and grandiose living rooms in the world.

When electricity became an option, light-bulbs replaced the candles, which allowed these light fixtures to shine even brighter.

These days, chandeliers are back in style. We’re even seeing more modern, bolder models like chandeliers with colorful glass.

Green tulip lamp

This table lamp is also known as a “Bankers Lamp. It’s the lamp that you often see in libraries or in the movies during office scenes.

The lamp was designed in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Tellers and office workers used these lamps as they shined directly onto documents.

vintage lamps 3

In addition, the green light that they give off is relaxing and doesn’t harm the sight. That’s also why we often see them in libraries.

This traditional design consists of an oval-like shade that’s green on the outside and white on the inside. It has a golden metallic structure that is usually quite heavy.

Tiffany lamps

Famous American artist, who was also among one of the first starts of the Art Nouveau movement, Louis Comfort Tiffany, created the Tiffany lamp.

It’s a desk lamp that’s characterized by its lampshade that contains pieces of colorful glass. The design shares similarities with the stained glass windows that we see in cathedrals.

Vintage lamps 4

The most common designs tend to be floral with warm colors. The lamp has a metallic base and original models are inscribed with a serial number along with a date.


Another great vintage lamp for your living room is this standing spotlight. It’s a tripod lamp, wooden or metal, that shines its light onto a focal point.

Vintage lamps 5

There are all kinds of spotlights. One of the most popular ones is a spotlight that uses a semi-spherical shade, which doesn’t blind you.

Other types are:

  • Fresnel
  • Quartz
  • HMI Fresnel
  • HMI Par
  • Follow Spotlights


All of these vintage living room lights can really make your home stand out.

They can add style and plenty of personality. More than anything, these lamps add extra lighting that everyone will appreciate.

You can find all of these lamps at antique shops where you can find the real deal with a higher price tag. However, you can also find cheaper models in any home decor store that look the part.

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