3 Kinds of Modern Hanging Ceiling Lamps

These lamps come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and materials, allowing you to find the perfect one.
3 Kinds of Modern Hanging Ceiling Lamps

Last update: 16 November, 2018

Hanging ceiling lamps are a decoration feature that’s completely in style this season. People can use their size, shape, color, and chain to define a room in addition to lighting up or creating an atmosphere.

Many designers want to come up with different kinds of hanging lamps. This is because more and more home buyers are looking for homes with high ceilings.

Depending on the size or your room and the area in which you’d like to hang your lamp, you could choose a larger, medium, or small lamp. You might even have the option of specifying the measurements of your lamp. You can find them in all sorts of colors, shapes, and materials, which means you can find the perfect lamp to match your home.

Making sure that your lamp doesn’t clash with the rest of your home is crucial.

1. Glass jar lamps

There’s no doubt that hanging ceiling lamps have a lot of visual importance in a room. You can’t help but look up to the source from which light flows. If that light source is a beautiful lamp made of glass jars even better!

These jars are a dream project for DIY and recycling lovers. You can use them for countless purposes such as flower pots, candle holders and even as a container to store bathroom soap. The most popular glass jar trend of the moment in decor magazines and blogs is using them as hanging ceiling lamps.

If you have an area in your home that needs a little lighting, this would be a great option for you. This lamp offers a soft, dim light but it works perfectly for small areas that need a tad more lighting– and more importantly– charm. These lamps work wonderfully with vintage, bohemian, and even rustic settings.

If you’re crafty, you can make the lamp yourself and enjoy the savings. There’ll be nothing more satisfying than telling your guests that you made the lamp with your own hands. These kinds of ideas are great for when we find ourselves with objects that don’t match the rest of our home decor. Thus, reusing them and tweaking them is a fabulous idea.

Hanging lamp glass jars

2. Golden circular lamp studded with lightbulbs

To create a beautiful and elegant space, you need to keep all the light sources balanced. You have to consider how contrasts balance with each other in order to prevent creating too many shadows.

good way to prevent shadows is using ceiling lamps with multiple light-bulbs. The light-bulbs are strung onto a circular base. You can hide the electric wires behind the base and use it as a decor piece as well.

There are several ways to use a multi-bulb lamp. We could let the wires hang at different heights and distances from each other as long as we use LED lights, preventing them from overheating. These days, hanging light-bulbs simply as they are from a base is a popular trend. It’s a great idea for rooms with an industrial look.

For our post today, we suggest a golden circular base. It pairs well with classic and vanguard decor that needs certain elements to create a particular ambiance.

Hanging Lamp Circular Golden

3. Wicker ceiling lamps

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, wicker is a material that couldn’t be more popular these days. Decorating with natural elements and fibers such as rattan, leather or bamboo with an African or Moroccan flare is becoming an ever popular home decor option. And hanging lamps are no exception.

Wicker hanging ceiling lamps are a must in design and lighting. They’re most often placed above kitchen and dining tables. Because they compliment wood and contrast with white spaces so well, they look great in houses that use Nordic decor. They provide color, texture, and warmth.

However, we most often link the Mediterranean style with these sorts of natural fiber lamps. The boho chic air, and even Ibizan feel that they create fits into a Mediterranean setting perfectly.

These lamps impart a heavenly atmosphere by creating intimate lighting. A mix of lights and shadows brings a warmer feel to a room. The ambiance is, without question, perfect for relaxing.

In addition, wicker lamps really construct cozy  atmospheres. Whether you switch on the lights, releasing their glow, or keep them off and just use them as a decorative piece, these ceiling lamps will always steal the show.

Hanging Lamp Wicker


The main objective of a hanging ceiling lamp is creating the most comfortable and well-lit  space possible. Of course, always with design and decor harmony in mind. Lighting is a crucial element for all homes. We need to recognize how important a role it actually plays and carefully select the light’s shape and intensity. How about trying out one of the lamps we’ve shown you?

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