Hide Power Outlets Creatively - our Top Tips

Is your decor marred by the sight of power outlets in your home? Do you want to cover them up so they don't spoil the style of your decor? In this article you can find some creative ideas to hide the power outlets in your home.
Hide Power Outlets Creatively - our Top Tips

Last update: 11 November, 2018

In this article, you’ll find some practical ideas to cover up the power outlets in your house. Read our suggestions, get your imagination working and hide power outlets in any of your rooms. They won’t pose a hazard and you’ll improve the overall decor of your home.

Power outlets are very practical and essential items in every room of the house. But they can be a little annoying and not so pleasing to the eye. Also, if you have small children, it could be dangerous if they try to play with the outlets.

There are various fun options to hide power outlets in the home. For example, you can find an infinite variety of different types, shapes, and colors of items that are designed to hide your outlets. At the same time, they can also be a decorative element.

In this article, we will show you some creative options for different rooms of the house that can be adapted to the style of your home.

Hide power outlets in the living room

Depending on the colors, textures, and furnishings you have, you can choose an option that will go with the rest of your decor. An original option that you can find in shops is to install small sliding doors to hide power outlets.

There are small sliding doors available made of timber. They have mini windows that imitate the window frames of a house. This option would look great if you have that type of window in your house, or if you have a lot of timber in your decor. There are also small sliding doors in the same format but made with different colors, shapes, and materials. Choose the door you like best and hide your power outlets originally.

Hide your power outlets inside boxes

Hide power outlets and cords in a box

Box for electric cables / ikea.com

Another interesting option that you could incorporate in any of the rooms of your house is to hide the lengths of power cord that some appliances have using boxes. Coil the length of cord you don’t need underneath a pretty decorated box. You can put some holes in the corners of the box to allow room for the power cords to enter. Then plug in the various electronic appliances.

One option is to make this box yourself to hide outlets. You can find many original box designs with fun figures and different materials on the market. Start looking and get creative. Hide  your power outlets in an original way and add something beautiful to your decor.

Hide power outlets in children’s bedrooms

As previously mentioned, power outlets can pose a hazard in small children’s bedrooms. For this reason, here are some original ideas to cover up the outlets in a fun and original way.

Japanese screen doors

Small Japanese screen doors are becoming more and more popular in design stores. The most common ones are wooden doors that contain the power outlet. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. When closed, they can give a magical and original effect to small children’s rooms.

Your children will be diverted and won’t be able to put their little fingers into the outlet. It’s also a good idea to teach them that outlets can be dangerous.

Original adhesive vinyls

Have you ever used adhesive vinyls? You could try using a decorative vinyl to cover up power outlets in your children’s bedrooms. For example, you could choose your children’s favorite character and create a small story along the bottom of the wall of the room. This way, the power outlet will go unnoticed and your children won’t touch it.

You can also find different characters, animals or geometric figures to hide power outlets using decorative vinyls.

A fun and useful option could be to use an adhesive vinyl in the shape of a cow. You could  use the entry points of the outlet as the nose of the cow, for example. This is a fun option to hide the power outlets in your children’s room.

Hide power outlets with decorative vinyls

Source: de.dawanda.com

At the same time, you could include vinyls of figures, sizes, and colors that you like. Apply them to all the power outlets in the different rooms of your home. You could also combine small doors together with decorative vinyls. By doing this, you will be adding to the decor of your home, and at the same time, covering up the power outlets.

Try hiding all the power outlets in your home using these ideas. You’ll see how it can change the atmosphere of your home or apartment.

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