2 Easy DIY Wooden Candleholders

Read on and learn how to make these candlesticks yourself.
2 Easy DIY Wooden Candleholders

Last update: 01 February, 2019

You might think that wooden candleholders belong in the past. But trends always return and wooden candleholders never actually fell completely out of style.

The only difference between then and now is that before, they were a functional accessory whereas today, they’re more decorative. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on wooden candleholders and show you how to make them yourself.

As you’ll read shortly, you don’t need to be an expert nor have a loaded woodshop at home. Our two craft ideas are simple and easy to make.

We also hope that these ideas will rev up your imagination, pushing you to create other things with the same techniques. Don’t forget that the best part about DIY is that the sky’s the limit. So let your creativity run loose and create original, natural candleholders.

Be careful with fire!


Before you start on your candleholders, you have to remember that these are objects that’ll hold fire. Even a single flame entails real danger. Keep your candlesticks far from fabrics like curtains, decorative pillows or other similar objects.

A wooden candlestick also implies an additional risk, so make sure to set up the candle carefully. We recommend using candles that come in a small metal base. Using these kinds of candles is a simple way to keep your candles safe while enjoying them to the max.

Also, don’t forget to blow out your candles before you leave home because the consequences of not doing so could be dire. While we aren’t trying to scare you, we do want you to follow safety measures to prevent any kind of danger.

1. Rustic wood candleholders

Candlestick 2

Our first wooden idea is super simple, beautiful and completely DIY candleholder. You just need to look for a piece of wood, such as a thick wooden board. Once you have your wood, drill in however many holes you’d like for your candles.

For the best visual results, we recommend sanding the wood and then varnishing it. You can also try painting it with chalk paint, which is really in style and offers fantastic results.

You can also use this same idea but for individual candleholders. It’s the same technique but the difference lies in the piece of wood, which would need to be smaller and only have a single hole.

Once you’ve finished your candleholder, you can hang it in an elevated space with two pieces of string. Using these different kinds of candleholders will create an original, intimate and romantic composition.

2. Recycled base candlestick

Candlestick 3

You’ve probably realized that we’re very into recycling. We’ve always believed that the items that seem ready to be thrown out still actually offer a lot of different options. We just need to be a little creative and know how to give these objects a second life in order to continue using them.

For our second idea, we’re opting to make wooden candlesticks from bats or handles of the objects that we don’t use anymore. As you can see in the picture above, just use the ends of some baseball bats to create a fun and original set of candlesticks.

If you cut the bats in different sizes, the end result will look great. You can give them a coat of varnish or paint them a little to change up their look.

If the bats that you’re using are too narrow, you can always add on a base to keep them from falling over.

Feel more pumped up about learning more DIY techniques? Give a second life to the objects that you don’t use anymore and check out this link to learn about decor that you can create from recycled items.

Now you know two different techniques to make your own candleholders; you just need to gather the materials to get started. Remember that these are objects that’ll hold a flame, so safety should always come first.