Finding Uses for Left Over Pieces of Wood

If you can't take your left over wood to a designated recycle center, the next best option is trying to repurpose it.
Finding Uses for Left Over Pieces of Wood

Last update: 29 January, 2019

After completing a construction project or a certain craft that involves wood, most of us don’t know what to do with what’s left over. In these situations, looking for smart and creative ways to use it is your best option, preventing piles of stuff from building up in your home.

And though it might not seem like it’d be that beneficial for the environment at first, reusing your wood can be great for sustainability.

We’d like to remind our readers that left over wood can include made pieces (table pieces, beams, crates, etc) as well as virgin pieces (trunks, tree branches and the like).

Given that wood, along with stone, is a material that allows homes to stay connected to nature, you should make the most of it. Besides, its timelessness will be a huge advantage when you use it in different decor styles.

Types of left over wood and possible uses

1. Pallets

Pallets are one of the more common types of left over wood but they also are a strong source of inspiration for all kinds of projects. The best thing about pallets is that you can use them just as they are or you can tweak them.

We can paint them and use them as side tables, chairs or even as a bedstead. You can even attach wheels to them for easy movement. Pulling them apart and using them for other furniture is also another option.

left over wood

2. Fruit crates

Another type of left over wood is fruit crates or boxes for other products. Even though they already come in a certain shape, you can pull them apart to create shelves.

You can find them easily or even buy them at a good price, so if you’re working on a project but run out of crates, you can always obtain more.

Similar to other kinds of left over wood, you can clean and varnish them to highlight their natural look. Or, you can paint them a different color.

3. Old shelves

Shelves off an old shelving unit can also come in handy for new projects. For example, you can use them to line a wall halfway to make a headboard for a bed.

If you have several shelves handy, you can cover the entire wall of your headboard, from one end to the other and install a pair on each side of the bed as nightstands. The results will be incredible and won’t look like something you did yourself!

You can use a set of identical shelves or a set of different ones; the key lies in setting yourself free to look for an original result. Lining a wall with wood can create more character and warmth for your home while blocking out sound as well.

Another idea is grouping your shelves together to use as a bookcase, except without the case.

Wood 2

4. Dried tree branches

After the cold months, or pruning the garden, gather a bunch of branches into a pile and hang on to them. Lucky for you, contemporary interior design knows how to reuse these elements in many ways such as ultra rustic frames for mirrors or photographs.

You can even take a few branches and put them into a demijohn or large, decorative jar for a natural arrangement to adorn your home.

Branches look lovely just as they are as well as with a layer of golden, or another metallic color, paint.

5. Tree trunks

Tree trunks can also be used for furniture (side tables, seats) or even beautiful, rustic sculptures. Just like pallets, you can add wheels to tree trucks for furniture that has a modern, multi-functional touch.

wood 3

Additional notes

Wood is synonymous of warmth and sophistication in interior design. Considering its versatility, you can use it to create different results. It all boils down to knowing how to use it with other elements.

Using left over wood can be a great deal from an economical view. Look for references and good materials when you set off on a project for the most polished results possible.

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