3 Rustic Home Entrance Ideas

We'd like to leave you with some rustic home entrance ideas to make your guests feel right at home.
3 Rustic Home Entrance Ideas

Last update: 21 October, 2018

In our post today, we’d like to give you some ideas for a rustic home entrance to consider for your home decor. As we’ve said many times before, home entrances, or the main hall, help our guests form their first thoughts about us. These spaces are the first things that they see upon entering our home.

Thus, we have to take great care in how everything looks to create a good first impression. We’ve already touched upon furniture and basic accessory sets for home entrances in our previous posts: benches, panels, mirrors, coat-hangers, etc.

You simply have to think about the space that you have available so as to not overwhelm it.

In today’s post, we’re going to leave you with some rustic home entrance ideas. As you’ll read below, the rustic style shares some similarities with farmhouse and shabby chic styles. Consequently, you could also pick out some ideas from any of these options that evoke countryside home images in our minds.

Below, you’ll find our 3 ideas. We’ll show you a different furniture and accessory set for each one so that you can envision all of the possibilities. However, you’ll have to keep the size of the entrance that you want to decorate in mind.

The warmth of wood

Of all the materials, we use wood the most. However, stone and metal will also have a role to play. In our first idea, the furniture piece that we picked out for you is a wooden bench. We recommend finding one that looks sturdy; don’t worry if it has some imperfections. Those details will make it look even more natural.

You could leave your things (boots, keys, bags…) on top or below the bench, keeping it beneath the wall. On top of the bench (or on the ground at both sides), you could try placing a wicker basket to keep firewood. If not, try placing a lantern or two as decoration. Another idea is using a checkered blanket that’ll remind us of country living.

Rustic Entrance wooden bench

Try placing a rug that’s made with natural fibers such as wicker or ratan on the ground. These are often simple pieces but that doesn’t keep them from being eye-catching.

High up on the wall, you can hang a set of hooks. The ones that simply use a short plank of wood (that’s not perfect but rather, irregular) with a few simple hooks are very common for this look.

A practical hallway

Instead of a bench, you can also opt for a panel to leave your things on as soon as you enter your home. Again, we’d like to remind you that the wood doesn’t have to be perfectly treated. You could even make your own panel by using recycled material.

On a panel, you could place a mirror with a wooden frame or various wooden, glass or metal containers. Vintage jars or containers could really work here; on top of that, they’re easy to find in second-hand shops or on the internet. Another idea to try is using flower pots or vases, leaves or dried petals…

If you want to use small metal containers, you could reuse an old tin can. You could even use it as an umbrella holder if it’s a bigger can.

Box ideas

The last idea on our list is stacking wooden boxes like the ones stores use to store and transport fruit. Organize them horizontally or vertically, but don’t stack them higher than waist-height.

Using various boxes will give you storage areas and a spot to leave your keys, bags, etc, as soon as you get home. The boxes don’t have to be all the same size. You could put your shoes away in the lower-level ones. If you’re not going to fill them up too much, or if you’re using smaller boxes, you should fasten them to a wall to prevent them from tipping over.

On both sides of the boxes, you could place some containers with dried leaves, flower pots or vases (you could reuse old tin cans).

On the higher-area on that same wall, try installing a wooden bar to hang coats or a mirror– with a one-color, ideally wooden frame. You can find these items in second-hand home decor stores or flea markets.

Rustic entrance wall

Alternatively, you could use a big wooden or wicker chest or a collection of small ones, stacked according to size.

We want to be clear that in addition to furniture and complements, floors and walls are important things to consider, too. Ideally, they should be wood or stone to give your entrance even more of a rustic feel.