Ideas to Create a Cozy Living Room

Here we give you a series of ideas to design a cozy living room, where nature, light and suitable fabrics should all combine to form part of the atmosphere.
Ideas to Create a Cozy Living Room

Last update: 01 October, 2018

One of the keys to having beautiful decor is knowing how to create a cozy living room. The living room is where you spend the most time in your home, so you should design its decor around comfort. At the same time, it should be a welcoming living space where all the family members can happily spend time.

In the following article, we will give a series of ideas on how to create a cozy living room.

Blankets and cushions, essential items

If there’s something that adds to the warmth and atmosphere of a room, it’s blankets and cushions. Both are essential elements to achieve a cozy environment. It’s also never a bad thing to have a cushion or blanket handy when you’re relaxing on the sofa. Our recommendation is to go for warm tones, that turn the room into a calm and tranquil resting place.

Another characteristic to take into account is the texture of these items. It would be preferable to choose thick and soft fabrics and materials.

As well as having a practical use, blankets and cushions are a decorative element of the room. It’s important to choose them to go with the colors of your decor, whether they have prints or decorative tones.

A good idea to make the living room truly cozy could be to decide on a blanket you’ve made yourself. A growing trend is to make blankets yourself, and you could make an easy blanket such as the one shown in this video.

Blankets, cushions and rugs contribute to a cozy living room

Comfort, the founding principle

An uncomfortable living room will never be a cozy living room. On many occasions people tend to choose design furniture without realizing that they’re giving up the element of comfort. We recommend you choose comfortable seats, so you can relax.

In the same way, the sofa should be a principal element of the room, where comfort is its main characteristic. Comfort and design don’t necessarily have to be at odds; you can choose to have both.

White furniture with wooden floor

A slice of nature in your living room

Plants are another necessary element in a cozy living room. Depending on the size of the room, you could choose bigger or smaller indoor plants. Having a pot plant, even a small one, will make nature seem near at hand for a tranquil environment. Also, indoor plants have many advantages, so the living room could be the perfect place to introduce one.

Live plants are always better, but if you don’t have time to look after them or simply aren’t willing to, you could also choose artificial plants. With regards to their location, it will depend on the distribution of the furnishings in your living room. Next to the couch, in a corner, or on a low table – anywhere you situate it could be good for a pot plant to add to the ambiance of the room.

A cozy living room can include plants

Rugs, fundamental for a cozy living room

When designing or planning a cozy living room you should also think about having a carpet or rug. There aren’t many cozier things to tread on with bare feet than a soft rug. The perfect place to put one could be underneath the coffee table or in front of the sofa.

The most important thing – don’t put it in the part of the room where you eat, as you could spill liquids or food on it. You might accidentally stain it. Also, depending on the material it’s made of, it might not be an easy job to clean it.

Rugs are invaluable  above all  in houses that have a tiled floor. Tiles can be very cold on your feet and of course it’s much comfier to walk on a warm rug than on cold tiles. When choosing your rug, we recommend that you go for natural fabrics and for the same tones you have in the rest of the room. This way, you’ll achieve harmony between all the elements of your decor.

A living room with a rug under the sofas

Make the most of available light to create a cozy living room

A living room will always be more welcoming and cozy if it’s well lit. The same applies to the other rooms of the house. Light makes the room cheerful and relaxing, so it’s always more pleasant to be in a well illuminated room. We recommend you capitalize on the windows you have to let the most light in. Also, if the walls are painted in a lighter color the room will seem brighter.

To create a cozy living room, the windows should be dressed with curtains. This way, you can enhance the comfort of the room and make it look much warmer. We recommend you choose transparent curtains in muted colors. That way you’ll let in the maximum amount of natural light possible and the living room won’t be dark.

Lighter colors can add to a cozy living room


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