Discover the Possibilities of Decoupage Napkins

Take your creative side for a spin and start decorating with decoupage napkins.
Discover the Possibilities of Decoupage Napkins

Last update: 18 September, 2018

You don’t know what decoupage napkins are? This is a decoration technique that uses paper napkins. Yes, you read that right. It seems crazy but the results are actually incredible. Below we’ll tell you all you need to know about decoupage napkins and show you how easy it is to use them for decoration.

What are decoupage napkins?

“Decoupage” comes from the French work découper, meaning to cut out. The word in itself is a huge hint as to what we’re going to do with these napkins. What sets these napkins apart from the ones that we use everyday is their composition.

These napkins are made with rice paper, which makes them thick and resilient. Their texture makes them perfect for crafts like today’s project.

Decoupage napkins what are they

Where can I buy decoupage napkins?

If you’re intrigued by decoupage napkins and want to try out a decor project for your home, you’re in luck. As we’ve mentioned earlier in our post, decoupage napkins are really in right now, making them easy to find.

Look around at any arts and craft store and you’ll find a plethora of colors, patterns and designs. You can also buy them online as many stores offer shipping options.

Make sure you go to an arts and crafts store to buy the napkins to ensure that you’re buying a good product.

You’ll also find them at dollar stores or big supermarkets. However, we don’t recommend buying from these sources – opt for the arts and crafts stores instead. While dollar stores and supermarkets might offer pretty decoupage napkins at a lower price, there’ll really be a difference in the end result. These napkins are much thinner (similar to normal napkins), making them prone to tearing when applying the glue and water mixture.

Decoupage napkins quality

Decoupage box

Using decoupage napkins for decor is very simple. Below, we’ll show you how to decorate a box with decoupage. You can use the same technique to decorate any object that you want.

  1. Prepare the box for decoupage. If necessary, sand down the box for a smooth surface that has a color resembling wood. If it’s painted, or if you want to hand-paint it later, the box has to be a lighter color. Should the box be a darker color, you won’t be able to see the design very well.
  2. Cut out the designs from napkin of your choice. Cut the image, following the lines carefully. After, separate the napkin layers, only taking the first one on which the design is printed.
  3. Place the image onto the box and prepare the glue and water mixture. Paste the image onto the box; start from the center on the image and work your way outwards to smooth out any bubbles.
  4. Paste on as many images as you want and when you’re finished, give the box two coats of varnish.
Decoupage napkins craft instructions

Other craft suggestions

Decoupage napkins offer endless craft options. They’re great for lining any kinds of surface, meaning that your imagination is the limit. If you’re interested in this DIY craft project, check out our decoupage craft recommendations.

  • Cover furniture. This is a bolder and more original idea. We suggest using smaller pieces of furniture, such as a small table or a stand. Don’t overwhelm the space that you want to decorate; use the table as the room’s centerpiece and avoid using any other patterned furniture in the same room. If you find a unique and bold piece of furniture, you could also consider using that instead.
  • Trays. You can use decoupage to decorate the plastic or wood trays that you have at home. When you serve cookies or treats these trays will definitely surprise your guests. You can also use patterns for cartoon characters for children’s trays – they’ll love them.
  • Block letters. Block letters are in. They look wonderful in a living room or bedroom. You can use just the first letter of a name or spell out it out entirely. They’re normally made of wood or are painted white. You can try decoupage to make them a little special.
  • Pictures for hanging. Who says that pictures have to be painted? Decoupage napkins are so pretty, that we can use them to make a collage and frame them. You’ll have a unique and perfect piece to hang on any wall.