Colorful Homes: Creating Multicolored Decor

Sometimes we get bored of our decor and want to redecorate to bring it back to life. In this article, you will discover some ideas for creating multicolored decor, so that you'll never be bored again.
Colorful Homes: Creating Multicolored Decor

Last update: 28 January, 2021

There is an infinite variety of ways to decorate a home. Colors can have a huge impact on your mood, and creating multicolored decor will help bring a feeling of joy and optimism to your everyday life.

While they are often associated with negative emotions, cool colors usually create a more tranquil and serene atmosphere. Warm colors are generally associated with positive emotions, like joy, but they can also create feelings of unease and nervousness.

In spite of all that, bright colors always create a feeling of joy. So, in this article, we’ll give you some creative ideas on how to create colorful spaces in your home.

Creating balanced spaces

Multicolored decor doesn’t mean going overboard with bright, garish colors. You need to remember that you’re creating an overall look. So, you need to create a sense of balance between the colors of the walls, the furniture and all the other decorative elements in your home.

A living room with multicolored cushions.

Paint the walls in neutral tones

One practical way to balance the colors in your spaces is to paint the walls in neutral tones such as white or gray. This way, if you choose vibrant, multicolored furniture, tapestries or decorations, it will create a beautiful contrast with the light colors of the walls.

On the other hand, if you choose vibrant colors for both the walls and all the other elements in your home, you’ll only succeed in creating a room that is visually overwhelming.

Use wallpaper

If you want to paint your walls in neutral tones, but you don’t feel like painting one wall in bright colors, you could choose to put up wallpaper instead. You can find all different colors and patterns. This is an interesting way to add a fun element to your home.

Use vibrant colors

If you want to use strong colors like orange, yellow, red or blue, you should combine them with neutral tones. It’s not strictly necessary to paint all the walls in neutral colors. You can paint one wall in a bright or pastel color that matches the other colorful elements in the room.

If you’re a bubbly and vibrant person who loves all things colorful, we recommend using vibrant colors to decorate your home. Alternatively, if you have a more classical taste, decorating your multicolored house in vibrant colors might not be the best option for you.

Decorate your multicolored house in pastel tones

If you want to give your home a touch of color, but you’re not the biggest fan of strong colors, we would recommend using lighter tones, such as pastel colors.

Light gray, white or chalk-colored walls and pastel colors are guaranteed to create the perfect combination. This is a subtle way to bring color to your home, without needing to resort to bright colors. Plus, pastel colors also combine well with one another, and won’t overwhelm your space.

Pastel colors are perfect for creating multicolored decor.

Try to combine different pastel tones: green, light blue, pink, orange and yellow. You’ll soon see just how beautiful your home can look.

Use bright fabrics

To decorate your multicolored home, it’s essential to use vibrant colored textiles. Fabrics feature heavily in every home. Whether curtains, blankets, tapestries or cushion covers.

You can find all sorts of fun designs and bright, original patterns that’ll fill your home with character and joy. If you have a neutral colored sofa or bedspread, this is your chance to contrast them with vibrant blankets or seat covers.

Choose colorful objects

If color is your closest ally in the mission to renovate your house, you could go for colorful objects such as domestic appliances, crockery or decorations.

Give your furniture a touch of color

If you don’t want to get rid of the furniture you already have, but you still want to renovate your home, you could simply paint it instead.

One original idea is to paint the underside of your cupboards or shelves using colors you’ve used elsewhere in your home. Combining the color of the wood with yellow, red or blue, for example, is an interesting way to bring your kitchen to life.

You could also completely repaint your tables, chairs or counters. After all, no one ever said that you have to have neutral colored furniture. So give it a try, and see how great red, green, blue or any other color of furniture can look.

Color, patterns, drawings, inspirational phrases, embroidery, paint, textures… You’re sure to have these elements in some corner of your home. If that corner happens to be your favorite, then it means that it is somewhere that really catches your eye. So, don’t be afraid to use them everywhere in your home.

Colorful spaces help bring life and joy to your home. It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed in your home. So, if you love color, keep our advice in mind, and start creating your multicolored house. Get inspired and let your imagination run wild.

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