The Influence of Mondrian on the World of Interior Design

Mondrian's works can fit perfectly in your home decor. With Mondrian, you can give a subtle touch of color and youth to your home.
The Influence of Mondrian on the World of Interior Design

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Vanguards brought the world new ways of seeing things. Both interior decoration and architecture took a turn and new aesthetic trends appeared. Within this area, we can highlight the influence of Mondrian on the world of interior design.

It seems that furniture always has the same patterns. It’s something that decorators have been doing for centuries and that we inherited today. However, there are other patterns that, although aesthetically different, people like.

The twentieth century enabled many changes in the world of interior design. They’re new designs that have been inspired by artists of the time and serve as a reference.

Who was Mondrian?

Another Mondrian painting.

This artist’s full name was Pieter Cornelis Mondrian. He was born in Amersfoort (Netherlands) in 1872 and died in New York in 1944. He was very successful in America, considering that the vanguards there were in full swing. In addition, he spent his last days there.

Like many other painters, he began doing naturalistic paintings, trying to learn painting techniques and the theory that governs art. He evolved and tried to give an explanation to the aesthetics of the paintings of other artists.

Gradually, he discovered new ways and tried to enter the world of abstraction and Neoplasticism. He became a member of the “De Stijl” movement. In addition, artist Theo van Doesburg inspired him.

“Every true artist has been inspired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture.”


The influence of Mondrian on interior design

Mondrian inspired architecture.

It’s true that both he and his companions of the “De Stijl” movement work the aesthetics of decoration and interior design. But they didn’t only stand out during that time. Currently, they remain a benchmark for the world of decoration.

  • Since the public truly likes his works, why not put them up in their own homes?
  • Indeed, Mondrian’s works have become a brand. In other words, each time someone sees his abstract works, they know they’re his.
  • Also, he’s been linked to an alternative and pop style. In other words, they represent a different decoration that embellishes and adds color but always with a contemporary touch that stands out from other styles.
  • They reflect the style of Neoplasticism: deconstruction of forms, with a clear relationship with Cubism, focusing primarily on the bare essentials, without symmetry, simplifying forms, and denoting dynamism.

Why do people like his works so much?

A painting with red, yellow, and blue colors.

Actually, his paintings and designs have a youthful and modern touch. It’s true that it doesn’t make much sense in classic, gallant, or baroque style, more than anything, because they’re much more current.

His paintings can be viewed in different formats, such as fashion, appliances, and architecture, among others. Certainly, they can be reflected on any surface, all due to the influence of Mondrian on the world of decoration.

Mondrian’s works represent an attraction for the public in a very direct way. It generates interest and gives homes a vanguard touch, making spaces very different and colorful.

The impact of his work

Mondrian furniture.

The influence of Mondrian has been enormous. Especially with his works that consist of quadrangular and rectangular geometric representations, such as his works in red, yellow, and blue.

  • His works consist of lines and primary colors, which stand out because they have a white background and black lines that organize the surface.
  • Of course, these works fit nicely into the decoration, mainly because they offer plenty at an aesthetic and structural level.
  • You can use his works to sieve light, make furniture, give a room a theme, on the sofa cushions, or even on the floor.
  • You shouldn’t forget that his works have numerous replicas in posters and canvases. To decorate the walls, you can hang his paintings. They’ll fit nicely in any bedroom and will be an attraction to your guests.
  • Mondrian’s paintings are characterized by contemporary designs.
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