Decorate Your Walls with Clocks

For the most part, we usually only see clocks on kitchen walls-- but is that the only spot for them? Absolutely not!
Decorate Your Walls with Clocks

Last update: 30 September, 2019

Clocks have a special appearance that can fascinate us even more than their interior workings. Going beyond counting the hours, we see them as a representation of time itself. The models and designs you choose can be a strong indicator of what you value and what inspires you.

The inspiration a clock can give you matters because it can be a deciding factor. For example, people who are fans of older eras tend to choose clocks that have a nostalgic air. As a result, it enhances that decor style in the setting.

Or, you can also create a romantic setting of yesteryear by using little details rather than creating a completely vintage decor. If you decide to add little details of style instead, it’s easy to see that you can create a successful decor style without making it very obvious.

Where do clocks go in home decor?

In the past, people usually used clocks in another common area as well – the living room. Clocks didn’t only keep people aware of the time, but they also served as a piece of decor.

One of the reasons why people used clocks in their living rooms and kitchens was to keep the ticking sound out-of-range to sleep peacefully at night. But this all changed of course when new silent models reached the market.

wall clocks silent

In kitchens, clocks didn’t only tell onlookers the current time, but they also helped them keep track of cooking times as well. Thus, clocks are especially handy here.

Today, people don’t just want to enjoy the convenience that a product offers, they also want to innovate. It pushes many people to try something dynamic and original with clocks in their home decor. They try to create a focal point by setting up something original.

Walls with a set of clocks

One way to really turn heads with clocks is hanging several of them on a single wall. But be careful, we’re not saying you should cover your entire wall with clocks or rows of them.

Instead, there are all kinds of cool layouts to try. For example, try hanging 3 to 4 medium-sized clocks on the top part of your wall. They don’t have to be the same model but try keeping them within the same style. To give you an idea, your clocks don’t have to be the same shape but they can all follow a retro decor style.

wall clocks set
  • Big wall clocks should go in the center of your wall or a few centimeters above the middle line of your wall. By hanging up your big clock tastefully, you can make a great focal point and keep your decor balanced.
  • If you have a small wall clock, try keeping it close and visible. Failing to do so will make it difficult to see and useless.
  • Instead of wall clocks, you can also try using a train station clock. Their biggest plus is their double-side face that tells the time to whoever’s looking. These kinds of clocks look great in transit areas and living rooms as well.
  • Try to keep your living room balanced by keeping your clock at the end of a hallway or in your home entrance. It’ll fit in especially well with a simple or minimalist setting.

Keep the clocks coming

  • Hourglasses are one of the most popular pieces for decorating studies and work-spaces. But they can also look great on top of a shelf. You can find all kinds of models to choose from.
  • If you have bare walls, try a modern pendulum clock. Its stylized, elegant design will look gorgeous on your wall without crowding it at all. It’ll work especially well if it doesn’t have a base box.
  • You can also opt for clocks in the same model but with different colors. Use each clock to show the time in a different city to add a cosmopolitan feel to your home. This idea works great for work-spaces and living or dining rooms as well.
  • Though people usually don’t use them to wake up anymore, retro alarm clocks are hot decor pieces for bedrooms these days.
  • Cuckoo clocks can help create a charming atmosphere. They’re nostalgic objects that can enhance hallways, living rooms, kitchens, entrances, and even porches.
wall clocks international

Always look for common ground

Some people like to decorate with a set of pictures while others go for clocks. So remember, you can absolutely mix and match different models together. But the key lies in fitting them into your decor correctly.

Additionally, contrasts between modern and vintage objects can work great together as long as you tie them together (colors, materials).

Thus, even if you have a digital clock, if it has one of the colors of its surroundings, it’ll fit right in. But if it doesn’t, it’ll help complement your decor while adding a contemporary pop as well.

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