5 Novel Ideas for Decorating Bare Walls

Do you have bare walls and no clue on how to decorate them? In our post today, we'll show you some cool ideas to decorate your spaces.
5 Novel Ideas for Decorating Bare Walls

Last update: 16 December, 2018

There are all kinds of original, fun and novel walls to decorate bare walls. If you think your rooms are missing something, we’ll show you some creative wall options for your home.

You can use different objects, shapes, textures, and colors. Sometimes, painting your walls or hanging a picture just won’t cut it. How you decorate your walls will depend on if you want to add some special detail or create a main centerpiece for your room. You should also factor in your home’s overall style and what kind of room you want to create by decorating your bare walls.

Below, we’ll show you some original ideas for bare walls.

Ideas for dressing up your bare walls

You can create different textures, or hang your favorite pictures and even items that you collect. There are so many ways to decorate walls in an original way. Below, well show you 5 original ideas for yours.

1. Wooden planks

Wall decor wooden plank

For an idea that’s truly stunning and rustic, use wooden planks on your walls. You can cover your wall entirely or just partially. After, you could also try using an aged finish.

Or, if you want to add a little more colorful detail to your room, you could try painting the walls in a color that you like.

Once you’ve installed the wooden planks onto your walls, try hanging some pots on them. Fill them with green, leafy plants and dress up your bare walls.

2. Frame composition

Bare walls are the perfect canvas for a beautiful collage that’s composed of different elements. Try hanging up frames that are all different sizes. Take it a step further with a collection of frames of different colors and textures as well.

To fill the space inside the frames, you can use small objects that you have laying around at home. To give you an idea, use small wall clocks, antique plates or other items.

Decorating bare walls with a composition of frames will really dress things up with an eclectic style. You’d be creating an atmosphere of objects from different eras that use different colors and materials.

Wall decor frames

3. Walls to showcase a collection

If you collect certain items, bare walls are perfect for you. You can use them to showcase your collection. This decor idea for bare walls would also work great for a more intimate room, like a bedroom or playroom.

Try hanging your musical instruments on a line in the center of the wall. Or, if you collect different kinds of hats, you could set them up creatively on your wall.

You could also use antique lanterns, a plate collection or many other things, too.

4. An entirely cork wall

Our fourth idea on this list is great for study or office walls. We suggest installing a layer of cork on your wall from top to bottom. You could use it to hang maps, photos, posters and other things. In addition to being an original decor idea, it’s very practical for when you move around your things.

5. Decorate with a giant cross-word

Wall decor cross word

Our next idea is super original. You could try adorning your walls with a giant crossword puzzle. But how can you do it? It’s simpler than it looks. You’ll need some pine wood squares in your preferred size.

After, paint a letter on each of the wooden squares. We suggest painting in black with a paintbrush or a marker because you’ll have neater results. It’ll also help you perfectly imitate a traditional font.

When you finish painting the letters, you can create a lovely set of words on your bare living room walls. Set them up so that they criss-cross vertically and horizontally. You can use your favorite words like “home”, “smile” or “love”.

To wrap up, there are so many ways to decorate your home’s bare walls. You don’t even need to buy any new items. You can use your collections, decorate with words or different textures. Choose your favorite idea that works with your home decor and transform your walls with an original idea.

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