7 Decor Ideas with Artificial Flowers

Taking your time to pick out the right set of artificial flowers will help you nail a beautiful decor.
7 Decor Ideas with Artificial Flowers

Last update: 01 December, 2018

Artificial flowers are a simple decor option. It might not seem like it but there’s a trick to choosing the right ones. There are all sorts of options to fit all preferences and the best part about artificial flowers is that their maintenance couldn’t be simpler.

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People turn to artificial plants and flowers for two reasons: one, they don’t have enough time to take care of real ones or two, allergies.

Thanks to the fact that artificial plants don’t require water and sunlight, in addition to having no trouble surviving winter, they make for a long-term decor option. However, you do need to wash them with soap and water every so often to clean off the dust.

You can buy artificial individual artificial flowers, a bouquet, as centerpieces, in pots, as wreaths, streamers or in almost any other kind of design.

Some even feature extra detail, like a dew drops, insects, dirt and grass (in a pot). There are even some options that come in vases that have fake water.

There are flowers, and then there are flowers

Artificial flowers choice

Not all artificial flowers look great for decor. Keeping that in mind, you need to be picky with the material and evaluate the finish of the flowers in question before you purchase them. Remember, these flowers are going to be a long-term decor item, so look for the most beautiful one that uses the best materials possible.

Generally speaking, while it’s true that cheaper  artificial flowers tend to be of poorer quality, cost doesn’t always reflect the quality of the product; there are some exceptions.

If you want an elegant decor, look for the most realistic looking flowers. Their realistic finish is key for hiding the fact that they’re artificial, tricking the eyes and creating that air of sophistication.

Try distributing the flowers in strategic points around your home that receive daylight to lessen their artificial quality. To give you an idea, you can try putting them close to a window.

Decor ideas with artificial flowers

Without making things too hard on yourself, you can take decor further beyond the everyday artificial flower arrangement. Below, we’ll give you several original ideas that are definitely worth trying out:

  • A leafy wall: this works for both indoor and outdoor walls. You can use an entire wall to bring green into your home.
  • Vertical garden: another option that doesn’t take up space is a vertical garden. You can set it up both indoors and outdoors.
  • Hanging over a mirror or around a frame: both of these options add some dimension and color to your home decor.
  • With fairy lights: considering how popular these charming lights are these days, we couldn’t leave this option out. They look lovely decorated with artificial flowers.
  • Figure lines, curves, and silhouettes: you can also use a long vine (with several flowers attached to it) on your bedroom wall, above your bed.
  • Around a door frame, window or in a corner of the ceiling: this decor evokes the feeling of nature entering your home. Ivy is great for this look.
Artificial flowers ideas

Another decor idea that uses artificial flowers is separating all the flowers from the plastic stem and, with a little glue, pasting each one on an object: a basket, candle, etc. This idea looks exceptionally lovely with small, delicate flowers, like cherry blossom.

A trick to keep in mind

In many instances, you can find the best artificial plants and flowers in different decoration sections in stores. For example, if you look around the aquatic pet section, you’ll find some attractive options.

With artificial flowers, you don’t always have to opt for the more natural styles. You can also create decor that embodies other concepts.

To give you an idea, instead of lining a wall with leaves, you could set up a flower exhibition. A really original and eye-catching idea for bedrooms is to hang bunches of artificial flowers.

Attach strands of nylon thread to the highest parts of the wall, just where it meets with the ceiling. Then, attach small bundles of differently colored artificial flowers to each strand. The effect makes the flowers look like they are floating.

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