IKEA's 2018 Vertical Garden Selection

If you want your home to be a place where decor and nature work together, IKEA offers vertical gardens that'll create a dynamic and green space.
IKEA's 2018 Vertical Garden Selection

Last update: 26 November, 2018

If you’re looking to give your house a natural, green look, we want to give you some ideas on decorating with a vertical garden from IKEA.

We need plants in our lives. If we decide to keep plants we’ll enjoy better health and their overall positive effect on our lives.

You might be wondering what a vertical garden is. It’s a novel way to organize plants vertically.

We’re used to seeing plants on the ground, in hanging pots or placed on shelves. Vertical plants, however, are a different way to set up a garden.

IKEA and its possibilities

IKEA is among the best retailers for decorative elements and interior design ideas.

Currently, IKEA is considered the leading brand for aesthetic design and has found success in all kinds of markets. IKEA continues to open more and more stores all over the world.

Every time that you go to an IKEA store, you’ll find a number of areas for home design ideas that are economical as well.

As for the garden, what does IKEA have for you? You can find various styles of garden accessories. There are so many possibilities out there; so don’t close yourself off to just one idea and try making your garden versatile.

Vertical gardens IKEA options

Types of vertical gardens

There are two kinds of vertical gardens: natural and artificial. The question is: which is better? It depends on how much you’re willing to commit to maintaining your garden.

  • Real garden: plants require a certain degree of care and attention. You need to care for them if you want them to thrive because they’re living things.
  • Artificial garden: made purely for decoration and doesn’t require care. They do, however, need to be cleaned from time to time as they easily collect dust and dirt. You don’t have to worry at all about the maintenance of these kinds of gardens.

Naturally, the first offers fresh air, aroma, and life. However, if you don’t take care of it consistently, the garden could spoil the ambiance of your home and even give off unpleasant odors.

Consequently, working with a real vertical garden requires commitment. If you can’t commit, then an artificial garden will be a more suitable choice.

The love for gardening is a seed that, once planted, never dies.

-Gestrude Jekyll-

Vertical Garden Artificial Natural

Natural vertical garden

IKEA offers a vast plant selection. Their range is extensive and can provide you with some really interesting ideas according to what kind of garden that you have in mind.

You’ll also have to consider the types of plants that you’ll use in your garden. For an indoor garden, make sure that you use indoor plants and for an outdoor one, the plants will need to be suitable for the climate.

How do you want to hang your plants? Let’s take a look at some helpful accessories for vertical gardens:

  • Satsuma: plant stand with 5 pots; this stand might not be able to hold many plants, but it’ll stop your garden from looking too crowded.
  • Salladskal: ladder-style plant stand; you can decorate each shelf with plants.
  • Askholmen trellis: stands completely upright and can hold more flower pots than the other organizers on our list; it’s a great product for covering entire walls that also works wonderfully for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Hanging flower pots: hanging pots can safety hold plants; you can create a vertical garden by hanging up various pots.
  • Sustainable vertical garden: these gardens house various kinds of plants on a continuous and completely natural surface. The roots grow in the moist area. This model is a very popular choice for restaurants.
Vertical garden natural ideas

Artificial vertical garden

Artificial gardens can look good as well. You could always use the previously mentioned products for a natural garden for this idea: satsumas, salladskal, trellis or hanging pots.

You could even make a sustainable vertical garden with different kinds of artificial plants. They actually look quite similar to natural ones.

For artificial gardens, IKEA also offers a wide variety of plants and flowers. You can choose your favorites to make a personalized garden.

The Fejka artificial potted plant is a wonderful product that comes in different variations and boasts leafy plants that are green and  voluminous. They’re great for vertical gardens.

Vertical garden artificial plants


Plants are key to brighten up our homes and they help connect us to nature thanks to the clean air that they provide.

IKEA offers a wide range of possibilities. You need to stay focused on your project, on how you want to carry it out and, as you’ve read today, on your commitment if it’s a natural garden.