Change Your Room by Filling It with Romance

If you want to create romance in your room, we'll give you some pointers in our post today.
Change Your Room by Filling It with Romance

Last update: 04 December, 2018

We should feel comfortable and relaxed in our bedrooms. It’s the place where we keep our belongings and where pass the hours, or where we rest at night. Our bedroom layout and decor is something personal and characteristic to each one of us. So, we’d like to explain some helpful things for creating a romantic air for your bedroom.

Romantic rooms create tranquility, rest and relaxation. To successfully create this kind of setting, you’ll have to mix various decorative elements together and correctly use lighting, colors, and layout. We want to create a healthy, restful atmosphere to enjoy individually or with company. Below, we’ll explain our 6 pointers for filling a room with romance.

1. Create a romantic space with light colors

The first step to creating a romantic, tranquil room is using the right kind of colors. You can try light colors for your walls like white, chalk white or even pastel colors like pink or lilac.

An interesting way to create some romance in your bedroom is using light gray shades with some hints of red, purple or lavender. If you want, try painting some of your walls light gray and use your textiles and decor elements as accents.

Another lovely option to try is applying wallpaper to a section of your bedroom. You can find wonderful, romantic selections for your walls. Choose your favorite one and apply it to dress up one of your walls.

2. Use antique furniture

Antique furniture will give your room both a vintage and romantic feel. Hand-carved bedframes, beautiful dressers with oval mirrors and a proper chair will accentuate the romantic air in your room. We recommend painting your antique pieces white. Painted white, they’ll really look beautiful alongside your colorful textiles.

Romantic room furniture

3. Use soft fabric

In bedrooms, fabrics play a key role because they create a sense of comfort, softness, and wellness. You can use silk sheets, pillows, and comforters.

A beautiful idea for filling a room with romance is hanging a canopy or a drape over your bed. It’ll mix in soft, translucent textures that fall into place. You could also set up a string of Christmas lights underneath your canopy. With the perfect setting, you can rest peacefully at night while enjoying the romantic space.

4. Light up your romantic area

Lighting is a key part for any room because you can use it to create the right kind of ambiance. In order to create a romantic atmosphere in your room, string lights, candles, and candleholders, as well as old-fashioned lamps, are a must. Thanks to the dim lighting that they offer, they’ll create the romance that your room needs.

Setting up your string lights

As we mentioned previously, you can hang string lights around your canopy or in a different area in your bedroom. Try hanging them around a beautiful mirror, window or in an area on the ceiling.

Candles and candleholders

These elements are extremely important for creating a romantic, special night in your room. A lovely idea is gathering some candleholders and aromatic candles together on a pretty tray, set on the floor. Be careful with the flames and keep them at a safe distance from rugs or other flammable objects.

5. Flowers are essential

Flowers play a key role in really nailing that romantic style that you’re looking for. Using beautiful, colorful flower arrangements that work with the rest of the room’s colors will complete this romantic look. Pick out nice, antique glass jars and make an arrangement with two different colors of roses.

Romanic room roses

6. Add some music and fragrance

If you want to tie up the romantic look, putting on some soft music and using some essential oil air fresheners is a great idea. You could enjoy your room alone or create beautiful moments to share with your partner.

Use a mix of all of the things that we mentioned in our post today without going overboard. Remember, less is more. Small details matter. Using the right kind of lighting, beautiful furniture pieces, colors, pleasant fragrances, and soft fabric will all completely fill your room with romance.