How to Keep Your Roses in Perfect Condition

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How to Keep Your Roses in Perfect Condition

Last update: 05 October, 2018

Roses are everywhere in the world. Their beauty and fragrance are associated with love as well as with decor and beauty. Properly caring for your rose bushes will really let you enjoy your roses.

Taking good care of your rose bush is essential for a spectacular rose with a fragrance and beauty that’s second to none.

If we fail to correctly care for our rose bush, it’s decaying health will reflect in its appearance.

On top of decorative purposes, roses are also used in gastronomy, medicine, essential oils and even beauty treatments.

A garden with rose bushes is a beautiful, special, romantic garden with a one-of-a-kind fragrance. 

In today’s post, we’ll go over care tips for perfect roses.

What is a rose bush?

It might seem like an obvious question, but before we consider its proper care, we’d first like to describe a rose bush’s characteristics. Understanding what a rose bush is will enlighten us on the kind of care that it needs.

Rose bush characteristics

First things first, rose bushes are a thorny bush that belong to the Rosaceae family.

Currently, there are more than a hundred known species that grow in the wild. However, that number is much higher if we count the new, different hybrids that appear each day.

Roses are the flowering plant of the rose bush. They can be a wide variety of colors or size depending on the species and health of a rose bush.

Lastly, rose bushes have a special fragrance. In addition, this is a plant that flowers continuously throughout the year, especially in hotter areas.

Proper care for rose bushes

The specific care that a rose bush needs depends on its variety. However, you’ll generally be able to enjoy a healthy rose bush all year long by following our tips.

What should the soil be like?

Taking care of a rose bush starts with choosing good soil. Rose bushes need permeable soil, which means that it needs good drainage.

Why? If the soil has is prone to retaining moisture, your rose bush might suffer from fungus, which is a common problem for rose bushes.

Along with choosing the right kind of soil, you should try to prevent the roots of your rose bush from getting tangled with other trees or bushes.

Sunlight for rose bushes

On a different matter, rose bushes need a lot of direct sunlight. They require around 6 to 8 hours a day.

Roses sunlight

Thus, where you place your rose bush matters. If you live in an hot area, try placing your rose bush in a shady location.

If that’s not your case, look for a place that receives sufficient, direct sunlight.

The importance of watering

Taking good care of your rose bush also implies proper watering. If you want beautiful roses, remember to be consistent and generous with the watering can. Take special care during the Spring, which is when rose bushes normally flower.

This brings us back to the importance of having the right kind of soil. It shouldn’t retain excessive moisture despite the rose bushes needing a lot of water.

Also take note that you should avoid watering the leaves and flowers themselves so as  not to ruin them or as a means to prevent diseases such as fungus.


You’ll need to prune your rose bush once a year or it won’t flower. You have to remove the wilted buds and dried leaves to make room for new buds.

Roses pruning

You can prune your rose bush when there’s no frost risk, like in March.


As for fertilizer, rose bushes need plenty of nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Start fertilizing at the beginning of Spring and continue until August. Furthermore, rose bushes need both liquid and pellet fertilizer and they need to be natural or organic.

Diseases and plagues

If you want take good care of your rose bush, then you should also accept that you’ll have to use pesticides at some point. The most common sorts of insect plagues are aphids and beetles.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier in our post, fungi commonly affect rose bushes.

To fight against both diseases and plagues, make your way to a garden store. You’ll be able to find the help you need.


As you’ve read in our post today, taking care of a rose bush isn’t that complicated. You just need to keep these things in mind for beautiful roses.