8 Novel Wall Clocks for your Home

Wall clocks are still one of the best accessories for home decor. Interested in learning about the newest models? Read about in our post today!
8 Novel Wall Clocks for your Home

Last update: 14 March, 2019

Wall clocks will always be a great accessory for home decor. Even though modern home appliances show the time, wall clocks are essential for rooms like living rooms, kitchens or home offices.

In fact, manufacturing companies work around the clock to innovate their designs to follow current trends. The best part is that you can find them in all sorts of colors and sizes.

Want one in your home? In today’s post, we’ve gathering 8 novel models that might interest you. Analyze their designs carefully; make sure they work with your furniture and accessories instead of clashing with them.

The best spots to hang wall clocks

Before we dive into the details of our choice wall clocks, let’s go over the best spots to hang them in a home. While it’ll ultimate depend on the style that you want to create, there are certain places where they’ll always look perfect.

wall clock 1


Classical wall clocks, or designs that match the surrounding theme, look great in kitchens. When you’re browsing the options, choose a color that’ll stand out from the wall or tiles.

Living room

Just about any kind of clock will look fine in a living room, except ones intended for children’s rooms or kitchens. Pendulum wall clocks are a great choice because they fill settings with elegance.


Many people choose to forego clocks in their rooms because the ticking sound can be quite stressful at night. However, those in favor should try classical styles, music themes or LP record models.


Not a lot of people use clocks in their bathrooms. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t. Clocks that look great in bedrooms will also work in bathrooms. Avoid pendulum or other more elegant models.

8 novel wall clocks that can decorate your home

You can find infinite choices to suit any need. Whether they’re sophisticated designs that use wood and metal or recycled projects that reuse old material, each creation can a lovely piece of decor for any home. Still not sure which one to choose?

1. Minimalist wall clock

wall clock 2

Minimalist decor is finding favor all over the world. Not surprisingly, we’re now also seeing clocks that match perfectly with this style. They’re simple but take elegance to another level.

2. Modern wall clock

The options available for modern clocks are plentiful. You can find them in wood, metals and chrome. Their shapes also vary between circular, square or special figures, which are almost like works of art.

3. Melting wall clock

wall clock 3

Art-lovers will rejoice with this curious “melting” clock. It’s a novel design that nods to the famous painter Salvador Dalí. It’s perfect for bedrooms, home offices or libraries.

4. Musical wall clock

These musical note clocks are one of the coolest ideas for teenage bedrooms. Of course, you can also use them to decorate personal spaces where you compose music, or in living rooms.

5. LP record wall clock

Records are a hot idea for anyone looking for a retro or vintage style home. You can find awesome wall clocks that use colorful, or blank and white, records. They’re the perfect way to enjoy some pop culture.

6. Pendulum wall clock

Classical clocks never swing out of style. You can still find gorgeous pendulum wall clock options. These days, they tend to work with batteries and sound at each hour. However, you can also find silent models as well.

wall clock 4

7. Silverware wall clock

Need to have a clock in the kitchen? Then this one’s for you. It’s a pretty novel design that uses a set of spoons and forks. Make sure the match all of the colors and accessories in your kitchen.

8. Rustic wall clock

A huge advantage of rustic clocks is that they adapt  wonderfully to various decor trends. They work with minimalist elements as well as modern or vintage styles.

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