Wall Clocks: an Old, Forgotten Classic

With technology progressing so rapidly, we've left behind the wall clocks that used to inhabit our kitchens and living rooms. After you read this article, you'll want to get yours back!
Wall Clocks: an Old, Forgotten Classic

Last update: 28 December, 2018

Over time, we’ve forgotten those classic wall clocks we used to have everywhere. Sadly, it’s probably because we don’t really need them in the modern world, thanks to our smartphones and smartwatches.

But wall clocks have actually come back into fashion in the past few years. Now, people use them less as a timepiece and more for decoration.

In today’s article, we’re going to tell you about the benefits of having at least one wall clock in your house. We’ll also give you ideas on some good places to put them.

The benefits of wall clocks, a timeless classic

Besides keeping the time, wall clocks have other great benefits:

  • Firstly, they can provide the perfect touch to a bare wall, and are an easy substitute for a painting or mirror.
  • You might not need them, but it’s still nice to have an extra timepiece. Of course, that’s not really what you’ll use them for now, but they still make great decorative pieces.
  • They give style and personality to any room.
  • There are all kinds of styles and shapes, so you can always find the perfect clock for your house.
  • All these styles also mean you can use them as a journey through time.
wall clock styles

Where should you put a wall clock?

Like we said above, wall clocks are perfect for decorating a bare wall.

Essential places

  • The kitchen: it’s actually very helpful to have a clock here. It gives you a way to keep track of the time and not over-bake anything or spend too long having breakfast.

The best places for one are above the extraction hood, or anywhere else where you can see it easily.

You also need to factor in how big it is, especially because extra large clocks have been trending lately. They might look amazing, but you have to be careful when decorating with them.

We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again: proportions matter. So, if you have a small kitchen, choose a moderately sized wall clock. Otherwise, your kitchen will just end up seeming smaller than it really is.

  • The living room: this is a classic place to put wall clocks. It’s even better if you have a bare wall that needs a bit of life.

Factor in the style of your living room so that the clock will go well with the rest of the room, at the same time as it gives the space a unique touch.

Even if you have a big wall, you should choose a simple clock so that it doesn’t clutter the space.

More options

  • The office: being organized and keeping track of time are major parts of good job performance. So, what could be more helpful than a clock? Plus, having a stylish, modern clock in the room will keep you inspired and motivated!
  • A kid’s room: wall clocks are super useful in kids’ rooms, and have lots of benefits for your little ones.

For example, they’ll learn to tell the time and to have a better sense of how they spend it on their various activities. 

wall clock in a kid's bedroom

As with anywhere else, the wall clock needs to reflect the style in your kid’s room. Or, it should at least have a theme that they like.

  • Master bedroom: there are lots of people who refuse to keep a wall clock in the bedroom for fear that the noise will keep them from getting to sleep.

But a lot of classic wall clocks nowadays are decorative and don’t actually tell the time. In other words, they don’t tick. So, if you want a wall clock, but don’t want the noise, you’re in luck!

Unexpected places

  • The entryway: it’s not a common spot, but wall clocks go great with a coat stand and a mirror.
  • The bathroom: there are in fact wall clocks in bathrooms, too. Of course, there are plenty of people who disagree with this, saying that bathrooms are a place to relax and not worry about the time. Still, if you choose your clock right, it can look great in the bathroom.


Wall clocks come in endless styles, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. They also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Vintage clocks: these are usually either metal or wooden, and almost always use roman numerals. They’re also reminiscent of train station clocks.
  • Spherical clocks. 
  • Modern cuckoo clocks.
  • Grandfather clocks.
  • Sticker clocks: these are practical and fun because you can put them up however you want. All you have to do is put the stickers around the mechanical clock hands.
  • Original shapes: geometric shapes, animals, etc…
vintage wall clock


Wall clocks can add a lot of style and personality to any room. They generally don’t even need any other decorations around them to look good.

There are also some cool ways to play with your clock decorations and give your house a much more personal feel.

For example, instead of a large clock, you can use 3-5 that are the same size/shape, but different colors. Or, you could set them to the times in different countries or cities.

Wall clocks are a versatile, functional form of decoration that don’t deserve to be forgotten, so give them a space in your home!