5 Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Want to dress up your walls? We have a great way to do just that in our post today. Let's decorate your walls!
5 Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Last update: 19 December, 2018

Decorating a home involves a lot of thingsfurniture, floors, appliances, dishware… The list is seemingly endless and spending always gets out of hand. And it doesn’t just end there. You still have to think about how to create some personality for your home with the decor.

Sometimes, there are just too many details and too few ideas. But did you know that you can solve it all just by decorating your walls?

People say that decorating walls is like dressing up a home– and they’re right. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang pictures, plates, adornments, or paint your walls using decals. But it doesn’t mean leaving your walls white, either.

The options are endless and the best part is that they range from just decorative pieces to practical ones as well. It’s the same case pricing; you can give any room a more personalized touch by adding some color or a few pictures.

Decorating your walls: give your home some personality

We’re positive that if walls could talk, they’d be begging for some company. Let’s get to work on our difficult mission of making your home a personal, comfortable but practical space at a low cost. Want to read more?

Living room with wood paneling and painting / pinterest.es

1. Paint

Painting walls is a decor basic. But going beyond simply choosing a color you like, we want to show you some new solutions that’ll add originality to any room.

For a bedroom idea, try painting only the wall with your headboard. Green or blue are great options because they transmit calm and good health.

As for a living room, wooden paneling would look marvelous. Install it from the middle of your wall and work downwards while painting the upper half in an intense color.

2. Wallpaper and vinyl decals

Both are very popular options. They offer so many options that choosing won’t be easy. You can find some truly stunning selections and buy them on the internet without taking one step out of your house. Take a look at Papel Pintado Online  or My Vinilo (English websites available); they have designs for any preference.

But how should you use them? Let your imagination run free because it all depends on what you want to transmit. Using wallpaper, you can try the same idea that we suggested previously with the wooden paneling, substituting it with the wallpaper of your choice.

Wall wallpaper vinyl decals

If you’re one of our bolder readers, don’t be scared to use wallpaper to cover your living room entirely, or even your bathroom — the results will be amazing. As for vinyl decals, you can apply them to one of your walls. There are phrases, flowers, patterns, mosaic effects and you can even design your own decal.

3. Shelves

You can use a shelf or two on your wall to create a composition. Using shelves will allow you to change your decor frequently just by choosing different items to showcase. They’re also a beautiful, practical option.

Shelves are perfect for holding books and decorative details. But you can also place some picture frames in different sizes, leaning them on the wall. And make sure you have a hanging plant, too. It’ll fill your setting with color and good energy.

4. Pictures

Pictures are a traditional decorating element, but even traditional items reinvent themselves. Those big pictures that watch over the living room as if it were a museum are long gone. Try making a set of frames in different sizes and shapes. What’s the key to making a set that works? Make sure that they all have the same style or similar color, theme, etc.

If you don’t know where to start, use your biggest frame in the center and from there, start hanging the other ones around it.

Wall frames

5. Decorative elements

This is where the three decorating stars come in to play for your walls:

  1. Text details: give your walls a message; it’s the ultimate decor idea and this year, bright, neon letters are in.
  2. Frames: yes, just frames; empty and in different shapes and sizes. You can play around with them to create a nice composition for your entranceway wall. Look for ones that have eye-catching detail like weathered wood or something vintage.
  3. Photographs: big or small, there’s no better way to decorate your walls with personality by filling them with your captured memories.

Your walls are an empty canvas and now is your chance to tell your story through them. Ready to start decorating them?

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