5 Tips on How to Give Your Kitchen a Natural Look

Do you want a natural looking kitchen, but aren't sure how exactly to make it look that way? Don't worry, we're going to give you 5 tips to help you out!
5 Tips on How to Give Your Kitchen a Natural Look

Last update: 06 June, 2023

There are more and more people wanting to give their kitchen a natural look. It’s not too hard to follow this trend, but you do have to keep a few things in mind.

As time goes on, people are  starting to want to live a simpler life and be more respectful to the environment. One way to do that is to use natural, eco-friendly materials. The natural kitchen trend is mindful of that respect for the environment. Some people even recommend using recycled materials for things like your counter-top.

One key aspect is natural light. If you want to give your kitchen a natural look, you need to find ways to get a lot of outside light. Plus, you’ll save on your energy bill this way, too!

Tips on how to give your kitchen a natural look

1. Light colors

A natural-looking kitchen should rely mostly on light colors. We associate these kinds of tones with nature, and they also give off light and a sense of calmness. 

If you’re worried that using only light colors will look dull, don’t! You can add some touches of color other ways. 

The most common color palettes for a natural looking kitchen are white, beige, off-white, and ivory. 

a white, natural looking kitchen

2. Lots of light

One of the fundamental parts of the natural trend  is to make light your dominant feature. But you need this to come from natural light, at least as much as you can. So, don’t put any dark curtains in your kitchen windows, use thin curtains that will let light in.

Choosing the colors we mentioned above is also a key part of achieving a well-lit effect.

using natural light for your kitchen

3. Natural fabrics

If you want to give your kitchen a natural look, you should also pay attention to the fabrics you put in it.

The natural trend involves using natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or even wicker for things like trivets and coasters. The best patterns for this natural look are modern floral, not the kind with little flowers all over.

colorful linen tablecloth

4. Natural materials

Using natural materials is a major part of giving your kitchen a natural look. Go for things like wood with the most natural color possible (that means not being heavily finished or stained) when picking out furniture.

Using stone for sinks and wall facing is also gorgeous and original.

Microcement and marble are perfect for these kinds of kitchens, for both floors and countertops. 

Bamboo  is also a great natural material. You can bring it into your kitchen in the form of things like ladles, bowls, etc.


5. Plants

Could a kitchen ever look natural without plants?

You absolutely have to have plants in this kind of kitchen–what could be more natural?

There are all kinds you can choose from. It just depends on how you feel about plants and how much time you have to take care of them.

Besides a natural look, having plants in your kitchen also transmits joy and will help you move more quickly when you’re preparing meals. They’re great for creating a lighter, fresher environment. Of course, you should remember to put them in strategic places, away from smoke and places that change temperature often.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best plants for the kitchen:

  • Cactus: these are “all-terrain” and can adapt to any space and conditions. They also don’t require much care.
  • Aromatic plants: these are perfect for a kitchen. On top of their wonderful smells, they’ll also mean having fresh herbs on hand to cook with. Cilantro, parsley, oregano, mint, and basil are all very common.
  • Succulents: like cacti, these can handle just about any environment and don’t require much care.
  • Aloe vera: this is another great plant to have in the kitchen. It can give your natural kitchen an added outdoorsy look.
  • Ferns, cerimans, and calabashes: these are leafy plants that need a little more space and can grow to be quite large. They also require a bit more care, because they shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight and need frequent watering. But they’re also great at fighting pollution.


Giving  your kitchen a natural look is actually pretty simple if you follow our tips. 

It’s also worth remembering that the natural look isn’t a decorative style. The advantage of it is that you can adopt this trend in your kitchen no matter what style it is.