3 Pointers on Using Fabric to Decorate Your Home

Fabrics are a decorative option for walls, paintings or furniture. They create a lovely, original look.
3 Pointers on Using Fabric to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 03 December, 2018

Who said that fabric is only for curtains, sofas, beds…? We’ll fill you in on 3 pointers for decorating your home with fabric to create a new concept.

This decor option might very well be a little rare in the world of interior design. It uses fabric as a curious decor medium, making use of its patterns, colors, and texture.

They’re items that not only can be touched but can be visually appreciated as well. So, how can your home benefit from them? The answer is they can offer a setting of warmth and originality.

Decorating walls with fabric

When we think about decorating walls, we normally think about painting or applying wallpaper to them that, generally speaking, give them a very ordinary look.

Fabric walls decor

Fabrics, on the other hand, can also be a different decor resource. How can you apply fabric to walls? Consider the following examples:

  • You can find adhesive fabrics with interesting patterns. You only need to stick them onto the wall’s surface, making sure that it’s completely applied and that there’s no air in between the wall and the material.
  • Another way to go about it is buying fabric and attaching velcro or applying glue to stick it to the wall. However, this option isn’t as good as the first one in terms of duration.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t cover all of the walls of your room in fabric because this can be a bit much. Instead, use it to cover a single wall and paint the others.

 – The colors and patterns that fabrics offer will make your home unique –

Fabric pictures

Another decor element that you can create is fabric pictures. They’re easy to make and give your home an original decor concept. How can you do this? Read the steps below:

  • Know which shape you want for your picture: circle, quadrangle, rectangle, triangle, etc. Any geometric shape.
  • Use a canvas or a wooden board where you can position the fabric. This will serve as the base.
  • Once you have your base, just place the fabric on top of the surface and fasten one side to the base with staples, tacks, glue, velcro, etc. Make sure that it’s nice and taut.
  • Then, put it in a frame that can be closed, cutting off the excess. You’ll have a very unique picture. Using a set of them together can create a very innovative aesthetic.

These pictures transmit a creative, alternative, or artisan kind of spirit. They are a wonderful way to decorate your home and they’re not difficult to make at all.

Fabric decor blue

Furniture lined with fabric

Decorating furniture with fabric changes the decor dynamic in a home. You can break with traditional decor by lining the wooden part of a piece of furniture in this way.

  • Analyze the piece of furniture that you want to line. We suggest using one that has drawers or doors so that the fabric can create a stronger decor dynamic. You can use color combinations or patterns.
  • By measuring the dimensions of all the drawers or doors, you can cut out fabric in the same sizes, leaving a hole in the center for handles.
  • You don’t have to line the entire piece. Leave some of the structural areas exposed, showing the original material. Lining the drawers will have the greatest effect.
  • To attach the fabric, you only need to use velco, tape or any other material that can help you stick it onto the surface without damaging the wood.

The end result of your project will depend on the colors or patterns that you use. It’ll be a head-turner and charm all of your guests. You’ll have a real work of art when you’re finished.

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