Lovely Plants to Grace Your Entrance Way

Plants are a popular decor option because of the richness that they add to a space thanks to their foliage, color, and aroma.
Lovely Plants to Grace Your Entrance Way

Last update: 01 December, 2018

Decorating your entrance way is simpler than you might think. You just need some basic elements and then add your personal touch. In our post today, we’ll talk about one of the most versatile design elements that can help you create a lively and lovely home entrance – plants.

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Using plants for home decor is primarily for decoration. However, to some extent, it also keeps us in contact with nature.

There are many ways to integrate nature into our home and each one can cater to our personal preferences. It might not seem like it, but choosing one way or another sets the tone for the rest of the home decor.

To give you an example, decorating with delicate, pastel-colored flowers that have soft textures and a sweet fragrance release romantic whispers into the rest of the home. On the other hand, bright flowers lead to brighter, happier spaces.

Welcoming guests to our home doesn’t just call for a rug and a coat-hanger. It also needs something that can make guests feel cozy and more comfortable upon crossing from the outside into our home.

Ideas for decorating your home with plants

1. Ferns

Ferns are leafy plants that are perfect for decorating home interiors. Their abundant leaves dress up spaces, giving them color and texture.

Ferns are very practical because you don’t need to group them together for beautiful decor. Just one fern has enough presence to decorate a setting, even a smaller one.

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What’s more that ferns are really a convenient option to decorate your welcome area with because they don’t require that much sunlight. However, they will need a moist substrate. You just need to spray their leaves with some water a couple of times per day if you live in a hot or dry area.

How can you decorate your entrance way with ferns?

If you have a table, dresser or another kind of surface that can hold objects in your entrance way, try using a fern or two in one of the following ways:

  • In the center of the table, place a small fern in a decorative pot. It makes for a very chic decor.
  • At each end of the table, place a medium-sized fern.
  • Hanging ferns are also a great option for the entrance way. But try to hang them in an area where they won’t get in the way of entering and exiting.
  • Also long as your home has the space to do it, you can use several ferns as decoration. For example, place one fern on the table and another on the floor, next to the table, creating a diagonal line.

Considering that ferns are plants whose leaves can grow to be quite long, having the pot covered by their leaves is completely normal (but it depends on the species). So, don’t be too worried about this if it happens.

If you want to keep the leaves a little shorter though, make sure that you take care of the pot, especially if you’re not going to use any other decor elements in your home entrance.

Plants are an element that benefit everyone (guests and house members alike) 

2. Succulents

Succulents are another plant option that you can use for your welcome area. They adapt wonderfully to home interiors and are easy to take care of. However, you should try to keep them close to windows so that they can receive all the sunlight that they need.

You can also arrange succulents in all sorts of ways and aside from freshness, greenness, and balance, they also bring a lot of originality into any setting.

Plants welcome succulents

3. Trees

For your entrance way, you can also think about using a tree. You just need to know the needs of the species so that you can place it properly. Some of the most popular options for home interiors are the following:

Each one of these trees adds something different to your home decor. An olive tree, for example, has a more imperial feel thanks to the color of its leaves and creates more sophisticated settings.

More ideas

These days, home entrance ways don’t rely on the traditional decor pieces: the mirror, table, and rug. There are some homes that skip the table and instead, have shelves on the wall with plants.

There are no rules for staying in touch with nature. While most of the time we advise against exaggerated decor, sometimes it works perfectly.

In any case, you should always aim for a balance between your decor pieces and using the right dose of green in strategic areas. Don’t forget that how many plants you use will also depend on how much dedication you’re willing to give them.

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