The Impact Mirrors Have on Space

Are looking for ways to make your rooms look brighter and more spacious? It's easy; all you have to do is use mirrors to your advantage. Convert them into a basic decor object in your home.
The Impact Mirrors Have on Space

Last update: 07 November, 2018

We have no doubt that mirrors have a powerful– most of the time in a positive way– effect on space  whatsoever. Let’s put it to the test and imagine a house without a single mirror: it doesn’t seem natural for us, does it?

Mirrors are one of the things that we most often use at home. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re available at both traditional stores and, the more and more popular option, online ones as well. On a different note, we can’t forget that throughout history, mirrors have been quite symbolic (illusory references, bodies being a mirror to the soul…). There are plenty of such examples in literature, movies…

My reflected eyes are blind eyes that look at the eyes through which I see

Antonio Machado

We observe the same thing in art; for example, take Early Netherlands painter Jan van Eyck’s painting The Arnolfini Portrait (15th century) or Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez (16th century).

The mirror references are countless, which says something about how much importance they’ve had over the years.

The impact of mirrors on space

Below, we’d like to focus on the biggest advantages that mirrors have in terms of space. To make the most of the possibilities that a mirror could offer, you need to think carefully about where you want to place it.

Of course, you also have to find one that goes with the rest of your home decor. You can find the perfect one by comparing the best options; then, do the same for the frame.

Mirror frame

How mirrors work in rooms

First off, mirrors can make rooms seem more spacious. To get that effect, we need to think about the size of the room. We need to find a mirror that compliments the room’s size. For smaller bathrooms, bigger mirrors are ideal. Using a bigger mirror will make the room seem larger.

On the other hand, for bedrooms, you could opt for a full-sized mirror. Keep in mind that by using mirrors, you can create more visual depth. We recommend using them for narrow or smaller rooms, but they’ll work just fine in all kinds of spaces as a decorative piece.

In addition, mirrors can brighten up rooms. They reflect natural light, thus, making rooms seem bigger by tricking our eyes. You’ll notice the biggest difference at hours of peak sunlight. Remember to draw back your curtains though because they can dim the entering light.

If reflecting natural light isn’t an option for you, you could always try placing a mirror next to a lamp; it could be a standing lamp or a ceiling one.

When we’re smart with our mirror placement, we can trick our eyes. They might think that a room continues on and on, but in reality, we’re just using a mirror that covers an entire wall.

So remember, mirrors are extremely versatile and useful. You could even say that they’re a must-have not just  for  houses, but for stores, cafes, and markets as well.

Mirrors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui also takes into account the impact that mirrors have on space. Feng Shui is an Eastern practice that aims to optimize atmospheres whether they might be in nature or in homes… The practice is based on the movement of energy and tries to expel any negative vibes. It strikes a very close chord with using mirrors to widen and visually create more space.

In the quest of harmony and balance, we’ve found some things that might be quite helpful. For now, we’ll just focus on the things that you can do with mirrors, which have been the source of a few debates and opposing opinions.

In any room at home or at the office, you should be mindful not to place mirrors in front of the main door regardless of if it’s closed, half-way or wide open.

Also be sure that none of the mirrors in your home are broken, jagged, beveled or deformed in any way. These kinds of mirrors only waste all of a home’s stored up positive energy, which is something serious in Feng Shui.

Mirror Feng Shui

Furthermore, according to Feng Shui, take special care if you have an inherited mirror. Take how its former owner lived into account. In the case that the mirror saw a negative life, it would affect the room negatively as well. Consequently, we recommend getting rid of the mirror if that’s your case.

Feng Shui and bedroom mirrors

As for using mirrors in bedrooms, these are the most common placements:

  • Some people recommend using the space in front of your bed. By doing so, all of the room’s energy, in addition to the energy that you release, will bounce off the mirror, reflecting it back towards you.
  • However, others believe that placing a mirror too close to a bed will create too much depth, thus, creating instability. It would directly impact your sleep quality, which always requires tranquility and stability.

We should be very conscious of what our mirror is reflecting. For example, it shouldn’t reflect anything that we could associate with evil, dirtiness, violence or disorder. Such reflections could create negative energy.

-There are two ways to diffuse light… being the light or being the mirror that reflects it-

Lin Yutang

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