The Best Places for a Home Office Desk

These are general guidelines on how to arrange a table in a room.
The Best Places for a Home Office Desk

Last update: 21 December, 2018

Where you decide to put your office desk is a very important decision that requires a plan. While everyone may have their preferences and special ways to set up a room, there are general guidelines that we all should follow for positioning a desk. Whether you have a home office or use a desk to study the location is important.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some pointers on placing your office desk in the best spot possible. With your office desk properly situated, you’ll be comfortable when you’re working and most importantly, your productivity will increase.

Desk use

The first thing to ask yourself is what are you going to use your desk for? What purpose will it have? Using a desk to study isn’t the same deal as using one to work.

A key for choosing a home office desk that’ll best suit you is to ask yourself how much will you use it, and what purposes will it serve for?

If you normally work with a lot of papers or other objects on your desk, you should look for a wider option. The surface should be at least 75 cm. wide. Adequate space will make working more comfortable. On the contrary, if you don’t normally use a lot of items on your desk, you can consider smaller options, which will save space.

The size of your room is also a determining factor for where you should place your desk. Your room could be big, small, wide or long. You might set up your desk in the living room, your bedroom or your home office.

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According to professional designers, the best place for a desk is facing a window. This will allow more natural light, which will help you see everything clearly without needing to use a desk lamp during the daytime. But keep in mind that your view may or may not be a distraction.

We suggest installing some translucent blinds to protect yourself from the sun without creating a shadow over your desk.

If you don’t have a window in their home office, or you’re easily distracted, another idea is placing your desk against a wall. Here’s a tip: leave some space between your table and the wall to create a sense of amplitude and depth.

Never put your desk in the middle of a room or on a diagonal. Your mind will associate these positions with disorder and, consequently, you’ll have a harder time concentrating. Additionally, placing a desk opposite a window is also something to avoid because it’ll cast a shadow on your desk.

Office desk placement

Natural light

The best light source for a desk is natural light. Consequently, the best place for a desk in a home office is near a window.

You’ll inevitably need to use some artificial light at night to see well. Remember to place your light source on the side that’s opposite your writing side. In other words, position your lamp on the opposite side of your writing hand. By placing your lamp properly, you’ll prevent casting a shadow with your arm onto your documents.

Office desk lamp

Home office desk shape

Once you know where you want to place your desk, you have to think about what shape you want. First things first, measure your space. Depending on the size you have available, choose between an L- or U-shaped desk, or a classic rectangular one.

If you have room, try not to buy a desk that’s smaller than 120 cm. A spacious surface will allow you to place notebooks, your computer, tablets, speakers, monitors, etc. on top of your desk without crowding it. If you’re going to use electronic devices, make sure you organize your leads because they can take up a lot of space.

As for your desk material, one of the sturdiest options is, of course, wood. There is a huge variety of wood to choose from to ensure the best match with the style of your home. Another popular material these days is glass. It adds a subtle, delicate feel to rooms. Glass desks are a great idea, especially for home offices.

If your home office has more of an industrial look, you can think about using metal. There are plenty of metal tables that can really enhance a home’s decor; they can even become a room’s centerpiece.

Office desk end

As you’ve read with us today, you need to follow some basic guidelines to arrange your desk properly. It should help create a relaxed space that helps you concentrate while being practical to keep the room organized. It should also be visually pleasing. If you can check off these points, you can find the best spot possible for your desk and optimize concentration and inspiration.