4 Ideas for Roller Blinds

If you’re thinking about changing the blinds in your home and you don’t know which to choose, look no further. This post will provide a couple of ideas to give you inspiration.
4 Ideas for Roller Blinds

Last update: 28 January, 2021

We know that deciding on changes to our homes can sometimes be difficult. What door should I choose? What material should I use for my floors? What décor would look the best? Roller blinds could be the answer!

Windows are undoubtedly one of the aspects of our home that can give us the biggest headache. Which type of roller blinds or curtains to choose out of all those available in the shops can be a real headache.

On one hand, we want to avoid blocking light out of our rooms. On the other, we want our blinds to match the rest of the décor in the room perfectly. There are many things that we need to consider to achieve the look we desire. As we will see, this is not easy.

This post will give you four ideas for roller blinds to consider before making your final choice. It’ll make sure you avoid any confusion.

1. The most discreet option

If you’re not looking to “break new ground” with your choice of blinds, this option is the one for you. Smooth, plain-colored roller blinds are perfect for minimalist and modern décor.

The benefit of these blinds is that they let practically all sunlight pass through them. This means that your room will appear much lighter and the atmosphere will feel cozier. If you would rather not take any chances with the color of your blinds, white or pale beige are safe options that will match with anything.


These blinds are a much more straightforward way of ensuring that light enters your home. They also filter it better than curtains or other window coverings do.

However, it has become quite common to use darker and duller colored blinds in more modern styles. This approach breaks with the décor to create contrast and plays with both light and dark colors

2. Combining blinds with curtains

If you’re not sure whether you prefer blinds or curtains, why not have both? If you want to use a combination, then there are many options open to you.

Curtains bring a sense of elegance and a presence into your room. Blinds, on the other hand, are more practical and functional. You can play a little with the mix of fabrics and textures of both options and completely alter the appearance of your room.

roller blinds

If you choose linen or cotton curtains that allow enough light into your room, you could also hang a slightly more opaque blind to further filter in the light. Equally, if your curtains are made of a slightly denser material, you could opt for translucent blinds that let in more light.

It’s simply a question of creating your combination and considering which option will allow you to create the best balance of light in your space.

In addition, if you already have curtains in your home but you don´t like them or if they don’t let in enough light, then you can hang roller blinds without having to get rid of your curtains.

We know that curtains can be expensive and replacing them can require some investment. It’s therefore worth ensuring that, when you choose your blinds, you choose the right colour. Your blinds should match your curtains perfectly, so we recommend avoiding colours that are too “out there”. Whites, creams and pastel colors are the best options.

3. Screen roller blinds

The main characteristic of this type of blind is its special material which. Developed using the latest technology, these blinds are made of PVC, polyester and fibreglass. They allow light to easily pass through them without making your room feel any less cozy.

They also protect against UV rays, ensuring that the light that passes through them doesn’t harm your skin.

The density of the material also affects the amount of heat they absorb. This is quite important in terms of energy consumption. Screen blinds allow you to save between 25% and 35% more energy, both in air conditioning and central heating. What more could you want?

You can hang these blinds in exterior as well as interior rooms, as the antistatic material doesn’t attract dust or dirt.


They also come in a wide variety of colors. Due to their opaqueness, these blinds usually feature in translucent colors, so the décor of your home will determine which color is most suitable.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s not surprising that these blinds are a little more expensive, particularly those that contain fibreglass. However, in our view, the investment will pay off over the years.

4. Customize your own blinds

For those who are more hands-on around the house, we also recommend creating your own blinds, which you could decorate using special or washable paint. You could use paintbrushes or other decorating tools, such as caps, sponges or other brushes. You could even paint images of landscapes as if you were painting a canvas.


You could also write phrases or create images in vinyl, as is very popular nowadays. Just set your imagination free!

Like our ideas? You can make your windows look like they’re straight out of a magazine in no time!

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