4 Tips for Decorating your Home with Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can be some of your greatest allies when it comes to decorating your house. There are thousands of different designs, they're not expensive, and they're easy to use. They are a simple and unique alternative that you definitely need to know about.
4 Tips for Decorating your Home with Vinyl Decals

Last update: 11 December, 2018

As you’ll soon discover, decorating your home with vinyl decals has many advantages. They’re a simple and original alternative you can use to decorate almost anywhere, both inside and outside your home.

First things first, we’re going to explain what exactly vinyl decals are. Essentially, they are stickers used for decorating. They are made from polyvinyl chloride, a versatile plastic known as PVC. This comes from the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomers.

So along with paintings, photos, posters, and wallpaper, you can now add vinyl decals to the list of items you can use to decorate your walls.

Before we give you some advice on decorating with vinyl decals, we’re going to tell you about their different advantages.

What are the advantages of decorating your home with vinyl decals?

  • They are easy to use: applying them to your walls is quick and easy to do. However, you need to be careful about creating air bubbles. If they don’t disappear after a few days, you can pop them with a pin or another sharp object.
  • They’re easy to take down: it’s no problem if you decide you want to take them down. Plus, they shouldn’t leave any marks on the wall. Then you’ll be able to stick them somewhere else.
  • They’re a low-cost alternative: Obviously, a budget is a very personal thing, but vinyl decals are usually pretty cheap. It’s possible to find a wide range of vinyl decals for as little as 5 euros.
  • They’re easy to find: nowadays, you can find them in a wide range of stores, including online stores.

We’ve talked about some of the main advantages of decorating with vinyl decals. Next, we’re going to give you some advice to keep in mind before you start decorating.

1. Know exactly where you want to stick them

The good thing about vinyl decals is that they’ll look great anywhere in your home, you simply have to choose the right surface to stick them on.

Plus, as they don’t take up any room (they’re usually completely flat), they’re great for small apartments that are often lacking in space. This makes them a better option than other alternatives which will take up precious room, such as shelves, clocks and so on…

As they are so easy to put up and take down, they’re great for rental apartments, as you’ll be able to remove them without leaving a mark on the wall.

Because there are so many different types available, you can find vinyl decals for any size or style of apartment. From wall sockets and skirting boards to mirrors, doors or full-wall vinyl decals, there’s a sticker for almost anywhere or anything.

You can even use vinyl decals for decorating the floor.

2. Discover the different types

Next, we’ll show you some of the different types you can use to decorate your home:

  • Adhesive: this is the best type to use for decorating interiors. You simply need to remove the backing from the adhesive side. Then, all you need to do is stick the decal on your desired surface.
  • Water and soap: these are especially resistant to adverse weather conditions and changes in temperature. As a result, we often find them outside or on surfaces exposed to drastic changes in temperature, like for example in the kitchen or near radiators.

There are also electrostatic vinyl decals, but they are mostly used for storefronts and businesses to advertise promotions and offers to customers.

There are thousands of different vinyl decals to choose from.

3. Choosing the right surface

Although you can use vinyl decals to decorate any space in your home, you should still take care to choose the right surface. This will ensure that your vinyl will last as long as possible.

The smoother the surface, the better the final result.

While they are easy to put up, the biggest problem you can encounter is the appearance of air bubbles. If they don’t disappear after a few days, you can pop them yourself with a sharp object (like a needle or pin) so it shouldn’t really be too big a problem.

Some of the best surfaces to decorate with vinyl decals are doors, smooth walls, windows, furniture, mirrors or even computers.

Vinyl decals are great for decorating children's rooms.

4. Be creative 

We should never forget the value of being creative and original. There are so many different types of vinyl decal available, that there are thousands of possible combinations.

With animal decals, you can make some really fun and original combinations. For example, you could put a little squirrel on a light switch, a snail on the skirting board, birds on your headboard, a hungry face on the fridge...

3D vinyl stickers are also a great option. These will help you create a feeling of depth, almost like a sort of optical illusion. You could choose a sticker depicting a country-side scene or an animal that looks like it’s going to pounce on anyone who passes by…

Animal motif vinyl decals are great for decorating living rooms.


The most important thing about decorating your home with vinyl decals is that they should be in harmony with the rest of the decor in your home.

Remember, it’s great to be inventive when decorating your home, and the same goes for decorating with vinyl decals. They’ll be the talking point of any room, and your family and friends are sure to love them.

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