Decor Ideas for Travel-Lovers

Travel decor can be a great idea if you've traveled the world or are planning to start your journey soon.
Decor Ideas for Travel-Lovers

Last update: 10 July, 2019

The younger generation has a large percentage of curious travelers. They’re the crowd that has put their studies, marriage or family plans on hold to explore the world. In our post today, we want to share decor ideas for travel-lovers. Show your passion for exploring through a display of objects throughout your home!

Decoration for travel-lovers

Do you love exploring the world around you and learning about thousands of new places when you’re off on vacation or a weekend getaway? Do you want to visit all of the countries you can by different means of transport? If that sounds about right, you’re a travel-nut.

And of course, you’ll want to share that passion not just when you’re out and about, but when you’re at home as well (regardless of how long you’re actually there). Check out our decor ideas for travel-lovers.

1. Maps, maps, and more maps

travel lover maps

While we live in a digital world, paper maps that show the geography of every country or the features of any continent are a favorite of travel lovers.

These days, you can find thousands of map decor ideas. You can try covering an entire wall with them, applying a vinyl decal as a headboard, use them to cover your furniture or even as an inspirational image for your office.

Using city maps as posters is a pretty trendy decor these days, too. Set them up on a wall in your living room or even in your kitchen.

2. Photographs: decor just for travel-lovers

travel lover decor

Whether they’re scenic or of ourselves, any trip means lots of photos. An awesome idea is printing your favorite ones and creating a collage for your wall or a frame on your desk.

Or, decorate with your pending trips for all to see (your places-to-go-before-you-die list.) Keep them in view on your desk, in your room or wherever you spend a lot of time to visualize your dreams… and later make them a reality!

3. Globes

travel lover globes

Globes have a vintage feel that we’re crazy about and they’re great decor pieces for anyone who loves to travel. Just spinning them to find your next adventure can fill you with adrenaline!

Globes come in different shapes and materials. Certain standing models can be expensive, but they’ll look amazing in your home office or living room. You can also find models that hang from the ceiling as a light fixture.

4. Decorative pillows: decor for travel-lovers

travel lover decorative pillows

Check out home decor stores for cute, colorful decor pillows with a travel theme. Some have map patterns while others have a city name or even airport letter codes of big cities. Doesn’t buying one for each place you visit sound awesome?

5. Travel collages

travel lover collage

People say that for each trip, you travel thrice: planning, arrival, and reminiscing. For the latter, turn to DIY. A 3D collage can be a great project.

How can you get started? First, find a frame or make one yourself. You’ll also need a thin wooden board to serve as the mount for your collage (and to keep things in place when framed.)

Use everything you’ve saved from your favorite or most recent trip for the collage: ticket stubs, photos, figurines, napkins, magnets, maps… Anything and everything will help create something to remember your travels.

6. Suitcases: decor for serious travelers

travel lover suitcases

You can find antique suitcases in flea markets or even the basement of your parent’s or grandparent’s home. And they look gorgeous in home decor! You can even use a set of them, stacked on top of each other, to create a nightstand.

Decor for travel-lovers looks great and can come together with things you have laying around at home. For example, create a picture with magnets or make memory boxes from wooden boxes and set them up like books in your home library. They’ll take you around the world, right in your own home!