The Mexican Style: Colorful and Vibrant

Combining vibrancy with a traditional focus, Mexican-style decor transports us towards extravagance. Learn more about this style and how it successfully boasts a true torrent of colors.
The Mexican Style: Colorful and Vibrant

Last update: 24 January, 2022

Applying an exotic touch to your home can be achieved from several different angles. One of them is the colorful and vibrant, Mexican style, which has strength, passion, and a slight touch of vehemence and fury.

Generally, we tend to combine colors and resources that aren’t too strident. We usually use neutral, simple, and muted tones when we don’t want to take a risk. However, it may be time to undertake and seek new horizons with more character. Ready to spice up your decor? 

We mustn’t anchor ourselves in already known interior design prototypes. It’s time to innovate and find other formulations that allow us to make our home interiors more dynamic. In light of this, we’re going to study the Mexican style, its qualities and everything it can bring us.

Colors within the Mexican style

Mexican style

This decor style is characterized by being very colorful. It transmits liveliness and activity since vibrant tones are used that stimulate our senses and reach a certain degree of stridency–depending on the color ranges used.

The combination doesn’t need to be studied in detail but, rather, it should produce a confrontation between the decoration. Take care not to fall into the trap of over-exaggerated chromatic saturation; these colors can give rise to this if you’re not careful.

Oranges can be related to blues, yellows to greens, pinks to reds, and turquoises. The mix is somewhat varied and opens up different creative paths for you to take. You can apply all kinds of nuances, even adding cold colors with warm and loud ones.

Five decorative resources for the Mexican style

How they decorate in Mexico

When it comes to working our home interiors, the Mexican style follows a tropical line. Let’s learn about five useful elements that can personalize our spaces and define this style:

  1. The sofa is one of the main resources to work with. In this case, it should be a standard type without too much height and in a neutral color. You can cover it with a striped blanket or with colored and patterned cushions.
  2. Upholstery can be in intense and vibrant colors, with striking vegetable prints, lines, or geometric designs.
  3. Cabinets and dressers must offer a certain simplicity in their form. However, the peculiarity is found in the external aesthetics where strong tones predominate (blues, greens, reds, and yellows). The prints or illustrations on furniture should reflect an organic and rural character.
  4. The use of wood is very recurrent if it’s applied to the floor and furniture. In the first scenario, it should offer a certain worn or old-fashioned appearance, while, for the second, it can be decorated with paintings and other unique designs.
  5. Indoor plants are another essential component. To complement an exotic environment, this natural contribution really can’t be lacking. Vines, ferns, palm trees, and orchids all help us to give freshness to the atmosphere.

Mexican style rugs and curtains


Special mention must be given to the fabric resources that remind us of handicrafts. Through this, we can apply all kinds of colors and striking patterns.

On one hand, rugs can be large and placed at any central point of the room. They usually have lines and geometric shapes of different colors and produce a clear chromatic profusion similar to those present in works of the ancient indigenous people.

On the other hand, curtains should also follow a similar pattern. Translucent curtains will allow natural light to enter and striking designs and drawings are reminiscent of the Mexican style. They should have a color scheme similar to carpets and upholstery.

Other resources to consider

The structure of your home can also contain striking resources, such as exposed wooden beams or, for example, layering plaster on the walls.

Another material that should be present is wicker. Use this material for seating, tables, mirror frames, or lamps, in order to reflect an organic and naturalistic character. The idea is to reflect the combination of nature and rustic.

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