The Best Combinations in Black and White

White and black are the two main colors that generate a distinctive contrast to what is commonly used in decoration. In this article, we'll discuss ways you can use this combination to decorate your home.
The Best Combinations in Black and White

Last update: 29 May, 2020

When decorating our homes, we tend to choose vivid colors that are pleasing to our eyes. In addition, we usually link those colors with others to establish harmony. In this article, we’ll discuss the best combinations in black and white.

These colors are used as support and contrast. They are suitable for achieving an interesting aesthetic; in other words, a coherent color dialogue. However, you must ask yourself if harmony can exist in black and white.

You may think that it’s possible. In fact, you’ll have numerous decorative ideas in mind of which both colors offer an acceptable and interesting appearance.

Black and white combinations – wall decoration

How can you decorate your walls with this color combination? In addition to hanging photographs or pictures in these colors, you can also paint the walls in black and white.

Striped walls are the best product of this color combination.

We suggest a very interesting solution – the application of alternating vertical or horizontal bands. They don’t have to cover the entire room, but only one wall that makes the room stand out. For example, where you place the television or behind the headboard of the bed.

You can also use black and white as color fields; that is, one wall in black and the rest in white. By applying this method, one color won’t dominate the room and you can achieve a contrast.

Black and white are very different colors but with a neutral character.

A subtle way to make the sofa stand out

You can apply this combination to the sofa. It is the dominant piece of furniture in the living room. Therefore, there needs to be a distinction between the two colors on the sofa.

The sofa is the best decorative object to create contrast with white and black.
  • A white sofa with black cushions is probably better than the other way around. It’s much better to have a light support color and smaller dark objects to contrast. This achieves a more harmonious aesthetic.
  • Another option is to have a white sofa and drape a black blanket over it. That way, the white doesn’t have absolute control.
  • You can also place a cover that has a particular pattern, lines, or squares over the sofa.

Zebra-patterned rug

Zebra-patterned rugs give a more exotic and attractive touch to the room. A particular example could be carpet with a zebra motif. They give asymmetric black lines that offer movement and dynamism on a white background.

The texture can be velvety or similar to authentic zebra skin. You should place it in a focal point of the room: under the main table in the living room, in the bedroom, at the entrance to your home, etc.

Black and white combinations – a checkered floor

We’ve previously mentioned the concept of alternation. The continuous arrangement of black and white squares is striking and looks like a chessboard.

This subtlety offers a completely innovative and elegant aesthetic. The resulting contrast is quite strong.

Checkered floors produce a composition that creates a different environment.

The chromatic simplification of the bathroom

We normally use bright colors in bathrooms. However, white is the dominating color. It is practically the most widely used color worldwide.

How can black and white be combined? Of course, the toilet must be white to give a feeling of hygiene. On the other hand, you can produce contrast through black ceramic on the walls and floor.

This doesn’t mean that black completely dominates. There is a balance between the two colors.

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