Decorating Your Bathroom: Bright and Original Colors

If you're thinking about changing your bathroom, we'll show you which colors to use to brighten up your spaces in our post today.
Decorating Your Bathroom: Bright and Original Colors

Last update: 28 November, 2018

Colors determine the atmosphere for any room. So, we’d like to show you how to use bright colors in your bathroom in our post today. You can use just one color or use it with another for both your walls or furniture.

Bathrooms need to transmit freshness, tranquility and tidiness. If you’re going to use bright colors to decorate your bathroom, you’ll need to keep some decor factors in mind.

Bright, bold colors can be a great choice for your bathroom makeover. Below, we’ll show you some original ideas that you can try out with bright colors.

Bright colors in your bathroom

You can use vibrant colors for your bathroom walls, floor, furniture, and accessories. How you use your color will depend on the one that you chose and what you want to highlight in your bathroom. Check out some of these original ideas.

Bathroom colors orange

How to use colors together

Contrasting with white

While you can opt to use color for your entire bathroom, it’s always a better idea to create a little contrast and temper it with a neutral tone. To give you an example: you could try using a bright color for your floors and some of your walls, too. Then, contrast it with a white wall and white furniture. That way, you’ll be able to create a visually balanced composition.

Don’t overwhelm your spaces with just one color. You’ll get tired of this quickly and will find yourself craving another change. Carrying out one home project after another isn’t a good idea at all because painting and changing your floors or furniture could really cost a pretty penny.

Use colorful furniture

An inverse plan is also a great option. You could try a totally white bathroom with brightly colored furniture and accessories. Colorful countertops are back as a trend and you can find a beautifully diverse range for bathrooms that also vary in their material.

Below, we’ve prepared an image of the most popular bright colors that’ll give your bathroom some originality.

Blue for your bathroom

Blue is one of the hottest colors for bathrooms because it reminds us of water, the sea, and tranquility. You can use your favorite shades of blue. It could be deep blue, marine blue, sky blue or any shade of your choice. We suggest using a shade that isn’t too dark. If you do opt for a darker shade, you should compensate by using a lot of artificial and natural lighting.

After choosing the tone, you can apply it to your walls, floors or furniture. You could also select beautiful blue tile pieces for your floors and walls. Or you could try using marine decor to complement the color. Try shells, jars filled with sand, and blue towels. You’ll love how beautiful your bathroom will look in all of these colors.

Green is nature

Green is the color of nature. This natural and vibrant tone could also be a wonderful choice for your bathroom. As we saw above with the blue, you can apply green to your walls, floors, and furniture to suit your taste.

Musk green is a milder shade and could look lovely on your walls and combined with white furniture with wood details. The beige color of the wood would give your bathroom a heightened sense of naturalness.

Always remember to use your bathroom accessories to help decorate the space. These might be shelves, towel holders, hangers, or frames. You can also try plants with big, green leaves to make your bathroom all the more natural.

Bathroom colors green


Yellow is also another bright and popular color for bathrooms these days. Using yellow will brighten up your setting, creating a positive atmosphere.

Try to match the look with good artificial and natural lighting. Only using yellow on your walls will look absolutely lovely. Use it with white furniture and floors. Using white and yellow together will keep your space warm and bright.

As you’ve read today, there are a lot of bright colors that you can use in your bathroom. You should think about how you want to use them for your home. Remember to never overwhelm a room with just one color.

You should always temper strong colors with a neutral one for a balanced, pleasant space. Have some fun when you add bright colors to your bathroom.

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