Leaning Pictures to Decorate your Walls

Trends come and go; now, pictures are leaning against walls. But how? Here are some original ideas for your home decor.
Leaning Pictures to Decorate your Walls

Last update: 23 March, 2019

The Scandinavian way of decorating by leaning art or pictures against walls has become popular worldwide. This original trend is jazzing up the world of decoration.

You won’t need to change the room or wall to lean pictures, so regardless of if you’re a homeowner or renting, you can create a cozy setting. If you want to know more about this new trend, keep reading because we have some ideas on how you can use this decor idea!

Shelves or mantels

shelves 1

If you have shelves that you don’t want to fill with useless items, try decorating them with pictures instead. You can fill shelves with books, so why not pictures as well? Gather a set of pictures you want to use and play around with the sizes and colors for a unique decor.

You can also use framed pictures to decorate your shelf. A set of black and white photos will really give your setting a unique feel.

Personal photos or simply decorative ones will all work. They’ll help create a cozy atmosphere for your home.

On top of a counter or table

furniture 5

You can use pictures with other decor accessories by placing them on top of a counter or table. For example, use small lamps, plants or candles.

In this decor style, your pictures won’t only be the decorating accessory but they’ll form a part of a balanced look, which includes the counter itself. Think about the following things to pick the right picture for the set:

  • The size of the counter: if you have a big counter, you can opt to use several pictures. Test different sizes and colors to create the decor you want.
  • The color of the counter: make sure to match the colors of the counter for a balanced color scheme.
  • The lighting where the counter is: pictures look different depending on where they’re placed. Ensure that your pictures fit in the area where you want to put them.

Decorating by leaning pictures on the floor

leaning pictures 4

Yes, you can put your pictures right on the floor and lean them against the wall or a counter. No holes or hammering hooks onto the wall is required. Doesn’t that sound marvelous? It truly is, and that’s why this has become a popular way to decorate with pictures.

Always match the colors, styles, and themes of the pictures to those of your room. The leaning pictures will create a lovely balance for your decor.

And in wider spaces, you can use bigger pictures to liven up a bare wall. They’ll look so elegant.

Advantages of not hanging pictures on walls

no hanging 5

If you’ve read our ideas but still aren’t convinced, check out these advantages of decorating by leaning pictures:

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