High Ceilings and Exposed Beams

In our post today, we have some tips and ideas for decorating your high ceilings with exposed beams.
High Ceilings and Exposed Beams

Last update: 10 September, 2019

Exposed beams and high ceilings can be a great way to use the space you have. High ceilings make your settings look more spacious. They also make wonderful interior home decor and create an original feel.

You should use the colors and materials of your beams to create the decor style you want for your home. Usually, beams are an element that you consider in the construction process of your home. But you can also use faux beams instead for your decor. Exposed beams will add extra support for your ceilings.

Making the most of your high ceilings and exposed beams can have great results. There are many materials you can choose from and ways you can decorate. Below, we’ll fill you in on exposed beams and show you how to decorate and use your high ceilings.

Decorate your home with exposed beams

Decorating your house or apartment with exposed beams will enhance your spaces. Try using the same materials that were used to construct your home. By staying consistent with the materials, your beams won’t stick out nor clash with the setting.

1. Wooden beams

Wooden beams are great for rustic homes or those that use a lot of wood in the interior design. You can find a wide variety of wooden beams. If you want to create a stronger rustic feel in your home, try using big tree trunks as beams. You could paint your ceilings a light color, such as white or chalk white. A light color will create a nice contrast with the brown wood.

Or, you can paint your beams and ceiling the same color. By doing this your beams will stand out because of their shape and texture, not their color.

exposed beams wooden

2. Metal beams

Metal beams or pipes on high ceilings are another option and are very characteristic of industrial style homes. These cold materials, with their gray and black tones, look gorgeous in settings with brick walls. Below, we’ll tell you more about how you can use them to decorate and make the most of your high ceilings.

3. Horizontal beams

You can also decorate your beams with other elements as well. If you have long, horizontal beams that cover your entire ceiling, use them to hang beautiful light fixtures with interesting lampshades. You can also try installing dichroic lights along the beams.

Make the most of your high ceilings

Aside from drawing attention to your exposed beams, using your high ceilings as a decor resource is fundamental. High ceilings can really give your home more amplitude and there are several different ways to go about it.

4. Create a mezzanine floor

If you live in a studio or small home, you can use your high ceilings as an advantage to create a mezzanine floor. Add a nice staircase and construct a new area. A mezzanine floor can make a wonderful guest room if you have company. You can also use it as a storage area.

5. Use the walls

With high ceilings and exposed beams, making smart use of your walls is fundamental or the setting will look empty. Play around with the space and hang a large piece of art. Or, if you want, try installing a large bookshelf that covers your entire wall from top to bottom.

Another idea is putting faux beams on your walls to continue the lines of your actual beams. But remember to paint your wall in light colors so that the colors of your paintings, shelves or other decorative elements stand out.

exposed beams tips

As you’ve read with us today, high ceilings and exposed beams can be great home decor. They’ll create more visual space as well as grant you more freedom to decorate however you please.

Before we wrap up we want to mention that if you have a big window in the same area as well, it’ll help you light up the area with natural light. If you don’t, try installing good sources of artificial light because high ceilings without sufficient lighting can mean darker rooms.