Wicker is in Fashion

Wicker is one of the materials that has become fashionable again. You can add details or furniture to your home to make it warm and welcoming.
Wicker is in Fashion

Last update: 18 April, 2021

Wicker is one of the materials that is most popular when decorating. It’s the best known natural fiber and, perhaps, the most used. As summer approaches it becomes a must.

Below you’ll discover some great ideas for you to use wicker in your home. It’s warm, versatile, and lightweight, which will make you love it.

Wicker fever

Wicker basket for bedroom.

With the return to the traditional look that has become so fashionable, certain materials have been put back in the spotlight. Natural fibers are the favorites of lovers of Nordic, boho and rustic styles. However, most of them can be easily adapted to any environment and decorative taste, since versatility is one of their qualities.

Wicker has always been one of the most used materials and has an ancient tradition. If you like it, don’t hesitate to include it in one of your rooms and even more so with the arrival of good weather. Look at these ideas and go ahead and open the door wide for them.

A reading corner

Create an oasis in which to feel relaxed when you need a space for yourself. If you like reading, a wicker armchair or a rocking chair can be the showpiece of that special place.

Add some plants, a jute rug to match and some cool shelves to keep your favorite books on hand. You will see how beautiful your little haven is.

A dining room with some wicker

If you like family or friends gatherings, enjoy a long and cozy dinner, and have your house up-to-date you need wicker chairs.

If you combine them with a wooden dining table you’ll have an ideal picture. You only need to add some colorful accessories, either through the tablecloths or with cushions to make them more comfortable.

Outdoor wicker table and chair.

A garden where you can breathe well-being

Wicker is a favorite for patios, gardens, and terraces. It can be used in a multitude of ways, either on a swing on which to sunbathe, on a chair or in a lamp.

We suggest that you set up a chill-out area with a high table and stools.

Some wicker in the bedroom

Another space where you can include this material is the bedroom. You have many options. One is to use a headboard. Add a couple of wooden nightstands and you have a cozy and warm space.

A children’s room can also be a perfect place to put wicker. How about a trunk where you can store the children’s toys ? They are super helpful in keeping things tidy.

The charm of accessories

The best thing about wicker is that you can choose a piece of furniture or a detail that adds texture and harmony to your home. You achieve this thanks to the accessories that range from rugs, lamps, flower pots, baskets, etc.

We suggest you put a mirror in the hall of your house. If it’s round and wicker, you will already have half the work done and you can enjoy a warm welcome every time you enter the house.

These are just a few ideas for decorating with wicker. As we’ve said, it’s fashionable and as proof of this, you will see it in most stores.

Remember that if it’s for the exterior, it’s better that it’s synthetic and that you clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to keep it in good condition.