Here Are 4 of the Best Colors for a Dining Room

If you're looking to update your dining room, read this article for some ideas on the best colors to bring the space alive.
Here Are 4 of the Best Colors for a Dining Room

Last update: 09 August, 2019

If you’re thinking of updating your dining room, and it’s not attached to your kitchen, the best option is to paint it and change some of the decoration. Doing that will give it an identity of its own, without breaking from the overall aesthetic of your home. The key is to have a good combination of colors, accessories, and fabrics in your dining room.

Doing that will help you make the room feel balanced and pleasant. That’s important because you probably spend a lot of time there with your family! This is why it’s so necessary to make sure it’s a comfortable, visually pleasing space in your home. Keep reading for some advice on the best colors for your dining room.

4 of the best colors for a dining room

1. You can’t go wrong with white

You can never go wrong with white or any of its shades. If you want to completely update your dining room, are tired of the colors on the walls, or you just feel like they’re too loud, then white might be perfect for you. Pure white, chalk or even eggshell will make the most of the natural light in the space, and it goes well with all kinds of other decorations.

If you want, you can also install all-white furniture and have some smaller hints of a color like beige. It’s a super warm combination that will make the room feel really comfortable. Or, you could use the furniture to contrast with the white. Tables and chairs in natural wooden colors, or even black, will give your dining room a strong personality.

You could also pick out a bright color or two to create that contrast. For example, you could use those bright colors for the seat cushions, upholstery (if they have it), tablecloth, and table runner.

2. Cream, blue, and purple

The combination of cream, blue, and purple is a major trend right now for communal spaces. They’re a great choice if you want your dining room to have more personality. Our tip is to make sure the walls are a light color, but you don’t have to stick to that if you don’t want to.

Use a watery blue for the insides of cabinets or shelves. That contrast will give the space a sense of freshness. You’ll also be balancing a warm color with a cold one.

You can then add another contrast by adding some small touches of purple. If you want, you can even paint your chairs or table that color. But our recommendation is to only use purple for smaller details, like a centerpiece or seat cushions. 

3. Pastel colors

Pastel colors are gorgeous and can be a great choice if you’re looking to update your dining room. There are lots of options when it comes to using these colors for dining room decor. You can choose multiple colors, paint the walls one, and use the others for other parts of the room. Or you can just match some with white. Choose the option you like best.

White with pastel green and yellow

Paint your walls white. Then dress the space up with pastel green and yellow. If you want, you can also paint your chairs these two colors. We especially love the idea of mixing both into colors of the chairs around the table. For example, if you have green chairs, add a yellow cushion, or vice versa. It looks absolutely stunning.

Playing around with inverse colors can give a sense of warmth, movement, and comfort to your dining room. Always remember to match them with light colors. If you have a wooden table, you can paint the feet white.

4. Natural colors

Natural colors like green, cream, and earthy tones are also a great option for a dining room. The brown of wood, the green of plants, and light tones on the walls are always good choices in this part of the house. If your walls are painted a very bright color, changing to a more natural tone can help create more visual balance. 

You can add a wooden table and seats in light brown, and decorate with some leafy plants. Keep going with that greenness and add some balance by adding a centerpiece or table runner in the same colors. You really can’t go wrong with colors that call nature to mind.

As you can see, there are a lot of different colors and combinations you can use for your dining room. You could either change a few small things or completely do the aesthetic over. Give some thought to the combinations and balance the warm and cold colors. Then have a lovely dinner with your family to celebrate the new dining room!