A Tidy Home Makes You Feel Better

Good mental health can come from taking care of the things around you. There's nothing better than walking into your home and feeling that you're in a happy place.
A Tidy Home Makes You Feel Better

Last update: 28 January, 2021

No doubt getting home after a long day and being able to relax in it is synonymous with happiness. However, this can’t happen if the place where you de-stress is a total mess. Therefore, a tidy home goes hand-in-hand with mental health. The best way to feel good and be happy daily is by keeping your surroundings clean.

Several pieces of research demonstrate the benefits of keeping your home clean, orderly, and comfortable. After all, one can only reach a true state of well-being if we’re happy with our environment.

People who don’t take care of their living space are often unhappy. This can directly affect their personality, especially if a family lives in the home. Remember that everything that the parents do -or don’t do- can exert great influence on their children’s behavior.

Messiness may be linked to depression

A dirty kitchen.

First of all, messiness may have a certain relationship with one very popular mental health issue. Yes, we’re talking about depression. However, not every messy person suffers from depression. We’re simply mentioning that there’s a link between these two variables.

When someone falls into depression, it usually affects their whole life. This disorder influences the individual’s work life, their relationships, their attitudes, and their behavior. A person’s home is a reflection of their emotional state. A messy home undoubtedly reflects issues that need to be worked on.

A depressed person has no motivation to clean up after themselves. This becomes more and more evident every day. In other words, house chores don’t exist for them – the thought of getting up and cleaning the place doesn’t even cross their minds. However, the opposite may happen too. In some cases, depressed people turn to cleaning and organizing excessively just to keep their minds busy.

5 steps to achieve a tidy home

A woman putting her clothes back in her closet.

Feeling good about ourselves is instrumental in our lives. Daily self-motivation is important, especially when it comes to keeping the home in good condition. It’s from this baseline that good mental health can be achieved. Let’s see how you can reach this goal.

  • You must dedicate time to your home. Moreover, the morning is the best time of the day to do this. You don’t have to spend all day cleaning your home – as little as a half-hour each day is enough. In this way, the rooms in your home will always be ready for use.
  • The tranquility of having a house in good condition can help you control your emotions. Arriving at a messy home after a long day, feeling irritated or frustrated can make you feel worse. For this reason, you must keep it orderly at all times.
  • Carrying out basic daily tasks is vital. For example, making the bed, sweeping the floors, mopping the bathrooms and wiping away all the dust. It’s okay to feel lazy and not want to carry out these chores from time to time. However, try your best to do them daily. It won’t take long until this becomes a habit.
  • The best thing to avoid messiness is avoiding accumulation. To do this, you must keep your home’s decor to a minimum. Don’t hesitate to remove all those objects that are useless or that bring nothing to the place.
  • Cleaning is usually associated with order. If you maintain a daily cleaning regime, you’ll achieve a state of well-being and, therefore, good mental health. A thorough cleaning process is essential in certain parts of the home such as bathrooms and the kitchen, given that these get dirty the most often.

Avoid feeling guilty

A family of four with good mental health getting ready to clean their home.

If, for some reason, you didn’t carry out your house chores for the day, don’t get discouraged or feel guilty. You must do your best and try to perform them every single day. However, if you’re not feeling well on a particular day, it’s okay to face those chores the next day. The important thing here is that you don’t leave them for a long time since it can become a bad habit.

Believe it or not, this subject is to do with will power. We all have lazy days, but it’s on those days where you should force yourself to do the things you must do. You’ll feel better about yourself when you finally accomplish something you postpone.

A tidy home should be comfortable

Anything that provides comfort should be a fundamental pillar in the home. You can have the best furniture, but if you don’t take care of it appropriately, the whole space will lose its essence.

As you can see, a tidy home goes hand-in-hand with good mental health. We can’t stress this enough – it’s so important for you to feel comfortable upon walking into your home.


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