Happy Decor – Beautiful Home, Healthy Mind

October 7, 2019
Happy decor can put you in a better mood and transform your home into a more beautiful place. Who wouldn't want that?

In our post today, we want to promote the good vibes you feel at home. Believe it or not, happy decor is a thing and we want to show you how to pull it off as well as the mental benefits it has.

Happy decor that’s full of good vibes

good vibes happy decor

It’s not rocket science – when you enter a room that has nice decor you immediately feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Your brain rests and your mirror neurons start activating thanks to the nice decor around you. The joy of seeing an orderly home, a clean space or nice decor fills the brain with serotonin, which is the happy hormone.

Filling your home with fragrances, colors and beautiful pictures won’t only create a decor that helps you feel comfortable, but it also creates a positive atmosphere that can directly affect your mood.

The keys for creating a happy decor

Your home is your refuge. It’s where you find peace and can enjoy life. Your home is where you can be yourself, which is why we recommend taking good care of it on all levels. Here are some ways to make your home smile.

Highlight your hobbies

happy decor hobbies

You’ll certainly agree with us when we say that anything that you do with joy makes you happy. So try reserving a little corner in your home for a hobby.

  • If you love reading, plan out a reading corner and lose yourself in your books.
  • Or, if you’re into exercise, save a spot next to a window for your daily routine. Make sure the area has good ventilation as well as sufficient light. Avoid over-decorating the area with accessories that you might break while doing your routine.
  • DIY fans will need a craft table where they can leave their materials out and be ready to let their creativity take flight. A sturdy wooden table and a comfortable chair are key players. A wheeled-cart, such as this one from IKEA, can be a great addition to keep everything at arm’s reach.

Encourage good habits

happy decor habits

If you want happy decor for your home, you have to make sure that it’s always organized. We recommend following Marie Kondo and her team of professional organizers.

As Kondo instructs, learn how to let go of anything that doesn’t spark joy. How else can you create a happy home? Start a cleaning routine that will always keep your home radiant in addition to making your life easier.

Other details

happy decor details

Details tend to play the most important role in happy home decor.

  • Candles will create a warm setting that invites peace, dialogue, and good relationships into your home.
  • Fragrances strengthen your olfactory memory, filling you with endorphins. Try using essential oils as they’re therapeutic. In addition, aside from giving your home a lovely scent, they can also calm or activate your senses or help you get over a cold. Check out our post on fragrances at home.

The kitchen

happy decor kitchen

The food that you make as well as how you make and eat it also matters and can fill your home with joy. Aim to cook healthy at home and keep your kitchen clean.

Bring your family together in your kitchen and try to call everyone to the table at least once a day. With happy home decor, you can give your mood a powerful boost. Enjoy your daily activities as well as your home more and more each day.