Morfeo Mattresses: Applying Science to Rest Better

If improving rest quality is on your mind, you have to check out Morfeo mattresses.
Morfeo Mattresses: Applying Science to Rest Better

Last update: 24 August, 2019

In our post today, we want to explain everything about Morfeo mattresses. They’re the union of the best materials on the market and the latest technology.

More and more people are concerning themselves with getting a good night’s sleep and mattresses have a big say in the matter. We’re part of a mattress revolution!

Every person is different: we all feel more or less comfortable on a certain mattress. The main types are:

Morfeo mattresses don’t offer latex options as they would require a good transpiration system, give off more heat and could produce certain allergies.

Knowing what each kind of mattress offers is very important as certain qualities can greatly affect your quality of sleep. A quality mattress along with a pillow and the right blankets can make for more restful nights.

You shouldn’t worry about spending more on a certain mattress than another. Instead, look at it as a long-term investment, especially if you have back or muscle problems. Morfeo mattresses were created to provide better rest. Keep on reading to learn all about it.

Know the materials and technology that your mattress offers

We want to fill you in on the main advantages that Morfeo mattresses offer. First and foremost is the mattress cover. Morfeo mattresses have a cover that feature a zipper, making it very easy to put on and take off for cleaning. Covers are always an ideal accessory and are convenient for mattresses, couches, pillows…

Mattresses can sometimes exert pressure on our bodies and make us uncomfortable. But Morfeo mattresses have a 4-cm viscoelastic cushion that helps relieve the pressure.

In addition, the mattresses have a set of micro-springs. They are around 4.5 cm in length and mold to your form and keep you more comfortable as you sleep. Thanks to these micro-springs, you’ll have no problem if you sleep with someone else because they’ll create separate zones for both of you.

morfeo mattresses micro springs

Latest-generation materials also help the mattress regulate temperature by dissipating heat much faster. Remember that an ideal temperature for sleeping is around 20ºC. On top of that, the mattresses also have a stronger ionizing effect that eliminates static while you sleep.

The exterior layer is made of materials that repel dust mites and bacteria while banishing foul odors as well.

They’re also designed to keep your back support as well. Thus, you maintain your back’s natural curve as you sleep.

Easy to purchase

First off, you don’t have to make a payment right away: if you choose the installment option (see as “APLÁZAME” on the website), you can make smaller payments over a period of several months. In addition, if you living in the Iberian peninsula, they also offer free delivery.

If you made a purchase and aren’t satisfied, you can receive a refund if you return it without 100 days of your purchase. It’s a great deal that allows you to try out and decide if you’re completely happy with your mattress.

As for the delivery time, mattresses can take up to one week max to arrive: the order is processed 1 or 2 working days after the purchase, which adds on to an additional 1 to 5 days of the actual transport.

The mattresses also come with the option of a 10-year warranty. The prices vary depending on the size of the mattress:

  • 90 x 190 cm: 439 euros
  • 105 x 190 cm: 480 euros
  • 135 x 200 cm : 579 euros
  • 150 x 200 cm: 599 euros
  • 180 x 200 cm: 769 euros
  • 200 x 200 cm: 859 euros

Tack on a smart sensor to your purchase

As we all know, home automation is becoming more popular in our everyday lifeThanks to Sleepace, a monitor that follows your sleep cycles, you can understand how you’re sleeping and how to improve it.

morfeo mattresses sleepace

This sensor features a 2-mm wide belt that follows your pulse, breathing and other sleeping characteristics such as if you sleep non-stop or how many hours you sleep at night.

In short, together the Sleepace and Morfeo mattress make a smart bed. The Sleepace currently costs 99 euros including a 40 euro price-cut.

As you’ve read with us today, you can finally get a good night’s sleep with Morfeo mattresses. And if you want to try the sensor out as well, you can get a complete analysis of your sleep quality and make any appropriate changes in your habits to improve it.

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