Trendy Pink Couches for Your Apartment

Go on and try something new for your home decor! Try a pink couch.
Trendy Pink Couches for Your Apartment

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Pink couches are most definitely something to consider for your home decor. True, pink might not be the most traditional color for furniture, but it can create a gentle, delicate setting.

And remember, pink comes in many shades. But for furniture, the pale or softer tones tend to be more popular. If you go with a stronger pink, make sure to pay attention to the other colors you use your room to maintain a balance.

Some tones of pink you might find are baby pink, pastel pink, fuchsia, peach, lavender-pink… Just take the time to find the best one for your home. Don’t forget that you’re not only limited to pink either: feel free to use other colors or patterns too.

You can also think about purchasing a couch cover if you want to switch up your living room decor. Couch covers are generally easy to put on and remove in addition to being safe for washing machines.

In our post today, we want to fill you in all about this trend: the best decor styles for pink couches, where to find them, etc.

What decor styles work best with a pink couch?

pink couch

Our first recommend decor style for pink couches is the Nordic style. As you know, this style mainly uses light colors to create visually spacious, well-lit settings. A very light pink couch could work perfectly here. Remember to match the colors and patterns with the other textiles in your room.

Romantic decor styles are also another option. They use pastel tones with white. Thus, a light pink couch fits perfectly into these settings. If you want, use a couch that has a nice pattern like a floral print.

We also have to mention the Shabby Chic decor style, which is a hot trend. The name says it all: shabby yet chic. Use antique furniture and accessories together with modern counterparts. The couch could be one of the latter and will work better in a lighter shade. Next to it, try using a restored table with a romantic feel.

Lastly, we have to remember fuchsia couches for modern living rooms. But make sure to keep the rest of the room simple, letting the couch enjoy the spotlight.

Remember that you can play around with your couch material: a leather couch isn’t the same as a velvet one. And a light pink couch will help you brighten your rooms up.

Examples of pink couches

You can find gorgeous pink couches in magazines and on the internet that, aside from being pink, offer all kinds of textures. But if the prices make you hesitant, try looking in more economical stores. Below, check out these picks for beautiful pink couches that you can find easily.


Ikea offers this lovely collection offers couches in different models that vary in size as well as a chaise longue. They all are made with microfiber, which is a material known for its resilience and soft touch. These pieces can cost between 500 to 1,200 euros.

In addition, you can pop the cover into the washing machine with no problem. Remember that it’s light pink and stains will be easily visible, meaning you’ll likely have to wash it frequently.

As with all Ikea products, you can use them with other products from the series or the other collections as well. For example, it’ll go great with the KUNGSHAMN footrest, which is also pink. It costs 100 euros.

pink couch examples


You can find this Scandinavian style three-seater couch at Maisons du Monde. It costs 499 euros and comes in three other colors as well: light gray, anthracite gray and mottled beige.

Depending on where you live, you can also opt for a home-delivery option by paying an additional 49 euros.

The couch features a beechwood frame, legs included, and comes ready-to-assemble. Furthermore, the fabric is 100% polyester. It’s a retro piece (it imitates a style from back in the day), which we can really appreciate in details such as the slanted legs.

Add gray, both light and dark tones, blankets, throws and decorative pillows to it.

As you’ve read with us today, pink couches are a lovely trend that’s both delicate and elegant. Remember to match them accordingly with your armchairs, stools, and poofs as well!

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