The Most Modern Home Automation Systems

Technology has advanced so much that today, we can control almost part of our home with our phone or tablet, increasing our security.
The Most Modern Home Automation Systems

Last update: 26 April, 2019

On the topic of modern home automation, we first need to explain exactly what we mean by “home automation”.

Home automation is a system that’s designed to automatize homes. It includes security, energy management, well-being and communication systems.

It’s a sector that needs to follow the changes in society. By staying up-to-date, systems can meet the needs and demands of the general population.

Automated home solutions should work in any kind of home, regardless of size, neighborhood… their versatility makes them an option for many homes. They can be adapted to any room.

All of this comes in response to a higher (and growing) demand for convenient living and more efficient energy management.

If we stop to take a look at some home automation examples around us, we can get an idea of what our homes will be like in the future, and as result, what our society will be like as well.

Today we can control our homes through a website or from our phones.

Areas that can use home automation

Home automation includes appliances designed to program heating, light or even alarm systems…

There are four areas where we can use home automation.

  • Security: you can use home automation to monitor the elderly, physically challenged, or sick family members. You can activate settings without even being at home.
  • Comfort: enjoy total control over electric installations. You can activate or deactivate the different settings through a control panel or a phone.
  • Energy management: you can use home automation to save as much money and energy as possible. In energy-saving settings, you can use a program that takes the time of day and season into account for optimal energy use.
  • Home settings: these settings allow you to control the heating, lower the shades… before you get home, such as when you’re leaving classes or your workplace.
Home automation 1

Examples of the most modern home automation systems

Very similar to the areas that we talked about in the previous section, we can find some of those systems in our homes today. Some examples are:

  • Air conditioning: you can even automatize simpler fan models.
  • Heating: heating systems can follow weather forecasts. You can also monitor energy consumption. This might sound ridiculous, but a home automated heating system can even recommend what clothes you should wear depending on the current temperature.
  • Lighting: backyard or hallway lights, for example, can be automatic and turn on as you pass through to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom. Depending on how light or dark a room is, the lights can respond and shine with more or less intensity, sometimes even fading to adapt gradually.
  • Home appliances; even the simplest functions are available. You can install a camera in your fridge, allowing you to see it from your phone to know exactly what you need to buy.

These days ovens turn on by themselves, there are apps that can measure out the detergent for our laundry machines, we can start the dishwasher when we’re out and about…

  • Home security systems: you can keep an eye on your home when you’re not there, watching out for any movement near the front door. Or, you can double check to see if the garage door is closed…
  • Electronic tools: you can raise and lower the shades automatically or even water your garden.
  • Additionally, home automation systems can even cater to your entertainment needs.

Reflecting on what you’ve read

Now, you can wake up your family members with an automated wake-up call or bell. Even your own computer can wake you up in a pleasant way.

Everything we’ve talked about today are examples of modern home automation systems, and this is clearly a sector that is evolving rapidly.

Maybe we should reflect on how far we’ve come and how much of all this is actually necessary. We’ve got to a point where even popcorn machines can run on their own…

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