Instill Good Cleaning Habits in Your Children

We're going to bring order into your children's room. Are you with us?
Instill Good Cleaning Habits in Your Children

Last update: 05 September, 2019

Putting a children’s room back in order is one of the most exhausting everyday tasks. As we pick everything up, children are right behind us taking things back out again. When we tell them to clean up, the protests begin.

The problem lies in the fact that sometimes, we don’t know how to instill cleaning values in our children. Yet at the same time, we expect them to be more independent and responsible. We don’t realize that doing things for them only hinders them from learning.

It’s never to early to start trusting children with certain chores as long as they’re appropriate for their age. Children under the age of 3 actually enjoy being organized because it helps them feel safe while giving them a sense of stability.

Children should pick up their toys, put away their clothes, shoes and even help out with household choresPitching in makes them feel capable and important while building their self-esteem. It helps them develop as individuals that can take care of themselves.

Tricks for keeping your children’s room clean

childrens room tricks

If your children’s room tends to look like a battlefield, it might be time to reflect on if you’re encouraging them or not with the right furniture, colors, motivating decor and clear rules.

1. The closet

Kids love picking out their own clothes and making those decisions is a healthy opportunity. It helps build their self-esteem as well as their personality.

Help them by looking for a closet that’s appropriate for their height. They should be able to access the drawers easily. Organize their clothing into separate spaces and use labels to write or draw something that will help them locate their underwear, t-shirts, etc.

2. Storage containers

If you want your children to learn how to pick up their toys, make sure that they have something to store their toys in. It should be comfortable to use and visually attractive. You can use boxes, baskets, shelves or hang bags, etc. Labels are also another idea to consider as well.

Here’s a tip: if your toy containers are big, put them on the floor and add some wheels for easy transportation.

childrens room containers

3. Their space

Regardless of how old your children are, their room should reflect their personality and interests even if you don’t share the same ones. Give them the freedom to decorate with their drawings; let them hang up their own art and decide which colors they want their walls to be. They’ll identify with their space, making them more willing to keep it in order.

4. Dirty laundry

If you don’t want your children to throw their dirty laundry everywhere, make sure they have an obvious space for it. While you might have a dirty laundry basket for the entire family, make it easier for them by putting an extra basket in their room as well.

5. Chore chart

If your children are at an age where they can read and take on more responsibilities, hang up a chore chart in their room to help them organize which chores they’ve finished and which ones they still need to do.

5. Develop a good habit

children room habit

Start cleaning with your children. Help them pick up after themselves to help them understand it as a fun task instead of a drag.

Children need to follow a routine. Always clean in the same way and at the same time. Before you know it, they’ll pick up the habit.

What you can do to help your children be more organized

  • First and foremost, consider their age and maturity level before assigning them chores.
  • Set long-term goals for them to reach and once they reach it, incorporate new ones.
  • Positive reinforcement! Praise their achievements and encourage them to keep it up.
  • Lead by example. Children learn by our actions, not our words. Explaining how important order is won’t amount to much if you’re throwing and leaving things around. It might interest you...

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