The Importance of Teaching your Children to Tidy Their Up Bedrooms

Have kids and want to learn some tips on keeping their rooms in order? It's all about teaching them good habits.
The Importance of Teaching your Children to Tidy Their Up Bedrooms

Last update: 07 March, 2019

Having kids flips your life upside down. Education is their main pillar but they won’t learn everything at school. They have to learn good habits at home, too, which is why teaching them how to tidy their rooms is so important.

We often look over their shoulders and see that they haven’t internalized that concept yet. If you feel the same way, you need to show them how to tidy their bedrooms by themselves in small steps.

It’s actually a responsibility exercise that doesn’t only teach them organizational skills, but values and respect as well. A room that’s clean and well-organized reflects that a child understands what’s expected at home.

Order, a synonym of well-being

The tranquility that our home transmits to us comes from having a comfortable, safe place to go to after work. A messy home, on the other hand, only sinks our mood.

If you have kids, you feel the weight of responsibility for everything: their academic performance, social life, health and, most importantly, values. Therefore, showing them how to manage their time and dedicate a minute or two each day to their bedroom is crucial. Teaching them to tidy up will keep your home in order.

Set an example

First off, the initial step has to be done by the parents. An orderly home will show your children that it runs smoothly and that it requires a little effort to keep it that way.

Of course, sometimes everyday life gets in the way and there’ll be days when we can’t dedicate a few moments to tidying up. But whenever we have the chance, we should clean and organize to never let things get out of hand.

Though they might not do them themselves, children internalize all of their parent’s actions. In light of that, set an example with your entire home for your children’s bedrooms and your children will follow your lead.

An orderly home is synonymous to a structured family. —

teaching children 2

Teaching them how to tidy up

As your children grow up, especially during the ages of 7 and 10, teaching them good cleaning and organizing habits is crucial. But how?

  • On a day when they don’t have school, teach them how to put their room in order. Start by teaching them how to make their beds properly by spreading out their bed-sheets and leaving their blanket wrinkle-free on top.
  • Sweeping the floor: shoes often bring in sand, dirt or grime from the street. You can teach your children to sweep and clean up the floor.
  • Vacuuming the nooks and crannies: try tag-teaming with your children when you vacuum to let them practice.
  • Organize all the objects in the room. You can put toys, shoes, clothes, mats, etcaway back into their original place.

Additionally, ventilating their rooms is a good idea as well as avoiding an excess of objects. By following these tips, you can keep their rooms from becoming storage closets.

— Order will help their bedroom decor look clean and healthy. —

Organizer furniture

In your children’s bedrooms, you can use certain furniture pieces that’ll make it easier to organize all of their everyday items. What could be more useful?

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Keeping a home in order sure is complicated. But teaching your children to tidy up, work together as a family and take care of their chores will make things much easier.

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