4 Pointers on Embracing Hygge for Your Home

Learn about "hygge" and how to decorate your rooms the best way possible. Tuck away into cozy corners in your home.
4 Pointers on Embracing Hygge for Your Home

Last update: 03 March, 2019

Hygge is a lifestyle by the Danes that’s spreading all across the world. It’s a lifestyle that dips into philosophy as well; and it’s making waves in interior decor. With hygge, people create warm and cozy spaces to feel safe and comfortable. It’s all about enjoying the beautiful and simple things in life, making the most of every moment with joy and sincerity.

If you’re tired of living in a digital world where time flies by faster and faster, try embracing hygge for your home. You could relax and live each day with more tranquility.

So, we’d like to show you how to bring hygge into your home decor. Hygge can create beautiful spaces for rest and enjoying quiet time or company.

Hygge corners

If you want to incorporate hygge into your home, you’ll need to consider a few factors that’ll create the right atmosphere. Use light colors, comfortable furniture, and small cozy corners. Below, we’ll show you how to nail the concept.

hygge 1

1. Light colors

Make sure to use light, gentle colors. We recommend neutrals like white-on-white, white or a light gray. If you use a light gray for your walls, you pair them with light colored furniture such as beige or white. Or, if you go for white-on-white, chalk white or plain white walls, light gray or pastel furniture would also look great.

Balance out the colors to avoid visually overwhelming your rooms. Make sure to use the right amount of light colors as well to create warm spaces.

2. Don’t overwhelm rooms

Rooms that embody that Danish hygge are simple and have just a few elements. Use warm materials for your functional or decorative objects. Try to keep walls light, limiting decor elements. Using too much decor can create an unnecessary distraction. Besides, a visually heavy surrounding makes relaxing and enjoying peaceful moments much more difficult.

3. Use soft and natural materials

As we mentioned above, using soft and natural materials is crucial. Natural materials provide homes with warmth and  gentleness. Wood is ideal for floors and furniture. It’ll ensure a serene, warm setting for your rooms. You can also add soft textiles with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool or real fur.

hygge 2

4. Create cozy corners

Cozy corners that embrace hygge are the defining factor of the lifestyle itself. You could create beautiful, personalized corners for kicking back and spending time alone or with friends. Create them in your home, in your bedroom, on your balcony or in other areas.

Living Room

If your living room has a fireplace, it’ll be the perfect spot for your hygge corner. Use an L-shaped couch with medium-sized pillows that are nice and fluffy. Blankets and rugs are must-have textile pieces for the perfect atmosphere. With the right set-up, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing moment in the winter by the fire.

You can also lay out a rug in front of the fireplace if you don’t have the room for a big couch. Add several pillows on top of the rug and look for a fireplace screen to prevent fires.

Reading corner

hygge 3

Another great idea to capture hygge is creating a reading corner. Set up a personal space by a window. Hanging plants are a great way to enhance these natural, comfortable spaces. Add a small mattress or cushion next to your window or a fluffy pillow with different textures. A nice braided wool blanket will also come in handy on cooler days. You can also try using beautiful white candles or small candle-holders on the ground. After completing the details, everything will be all set.

With our hygge tips, you can create truly comfortable spaces in your home to enjoy and relax. Hygge embraces the small things in life. They could be a peaceful moment, quiet family time, or even a nice cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. Decorate your spaces and create special corners in your home!

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