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Where to Put Shelves?

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Shelves are a great tool since they can be put in many places around the house, and you can even make them yourself.
Where to Put Shelves?
Last update: 18 January, 2019

One of the biggest questions we may have when decorating the house is where to put the shelves.

Shelves are a multifunctional element that every house needs. Not only are they useful, but they also work as a decorative piece.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to shelves because there are so many different types and options when it comes to decorating them.

Also, they’re an excellent tool to help you optimize space. They’re used to store things so you know exactly where everything is.

However, make sure you don’t overuse your shelves and end up accumulating too much stuff. That, in addition to the dust, will ruin your room’s decor.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about where you should put shelves so that they’re both functional and decorative. 

Shelving for the living room

The living room is one of the best places to put shelves. Why? Because it’s one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time.

If there’s an empty space in the living room, we tend to fill it with a plant.

However, another option is to put a shelf there. You can use the shelf to hold your books, picture frames, vacation souvenirs, etc.

If you’re going to use an independent shelf, make sure it’s strong enough to hold all the weight you’re going to put on it.

On the other hand, if you choose to put in a shelf that’s anchored into the wall, make sure it’s secure and level.

Another option that’s becoming very popular is built-in shelves. These are built directly into the wall itself.

This option will only work if the actual architecture of the room includes a hole in the wall.

Built-in shelves are great if you also use one of the shelves as a desk. This will also give you a small office in the room. 

If you don’t need an office, the area will look better if you don’t put the shelves all the way down to the floor. That way, you can use the extra space for wicker baskets that can hold blankets or newspapers/magazines.

In the kitchen

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Shelves are also very useful in the kitchen. 

Extra storage space is hard to find in the kitchen because we have so many utensils.

There are two main possibilities when it comes to putting shelves in the kitchen.

First, you can put them invisibly and decorate them with objects like a clock or cookbook. The other option is to place the shelf in the pantry. You can use it to organize your food or all of your utensils (pots, pans, etc.).

A fairly showy and nice option is to put a shelf in the dining room to hold the tableware you use for special occasions. 

Of course, since we’re talking about the kitchen, we have to emphasize the importance of safety since there are so many dangerous objects.

Make sure the shelf is firm and the shelves are secure.

Shelves in the bathroom

Where to put shelves? Another answer: the bathroom!

The same goes for the bathroom as for the kitchen: extra storage space is always appreciated.

Unless you have a very large bathroom, built-in shelves or those secured to the wall are ideal.

They’ll be great for holding towels and shower accessories. You can even make a small pantry to store the products you don’t need to open yet. 

You can combine its storage function with its decorative one by adding candles to make the space more dynamic. 

In the bedrooms

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Shelves in the bedrooms (children’s, teens’ and adults’) aren’t optional, they’re absolutely necessary. 

You can use them for a variety of things- from just decorating to storing various objects (bedding, books, etc.).

Any type of shelf is perfect for the bedroom. Just look at what your needs are and how much space you have to work with.

Independent shelves are great for the bedroom, especially if you’re just putting a few objects on them to decorate the room. 

Built-in shelves are also great for bedrooms, especially if you need a small space to do work.

Another unique idea is to make a built-in shelf as a headboard.

In children’s rooms, display-type shelves are perfect for your child’s favorite books.

Just make sure that the shelf is safe if it’ll be at your child’s height. 

If you’re going to put an independent shelf in a child’s room, we recommend anchoring it to the wall. This will protect your child from it falling on him.


As you can see, shelves are very easy to add to your home’s decor. 

Make sure you look at what you’ll need it for: what it’s going to hold, if it’s going to carry a lot of weight and how much space you have.

It’s necessary to take these things into account so you can choose the right bookshelf.

The next time you ask yourself where to put your shelf, you know…wherever you can imagine it!