Teenagers' Bedrooms: Decorating Suggestions

Teenagers' bedrooms should be a pleasant room where your adolescents can feel surrounded by their likes and interests. You should let them choose their decor.
Teenagers' Bedrooms: Decorating Suggestions

Last update: 18 December, 2018

The following ideas to decorate teenagers’ bedrooms will help you to understand which things could be the most important for your adolescents. You’ll also find out how to share some decor options with them to achieve a pleasing result together.

Offering young ones the opportunity to express themselves freely when it comes to creating and decorating their space will come to mean a lot to them long term. Also, it will help them explore their identity, from a tangible viewpoint.

You should remember that, during adolescence, it’s possible that their interests might change more frequently than in the past. This is mainly due to the fact that they are searching for their identity. So with that in mind, don’t worry if their posters are always changing, or if they want to keep some objects out of sight for some reason, or if suddenly they have a preference for one color above another, etc.

It’s a good idea to include at least one item that they can change at will as much as they like, such as a writing wall or blackboard.

Preliminary aspects to consider

It’s fundamental to avoid treating your teenagers like children, including when it comes decorating their bedroom. And while this doesn’t mean forgetting all about the past, you should give them the option to choose where to hang or keep the mementos from their infancy.

If they want to keep their toys, you could make a space available in the closet, a trunk or chest, or in some other storage item of furniture that will help maintain a sense of order.

Use sources of natural light in your teenagers' bedrooms

On the other hand, it’s important to teach your teenagers to make the most of the space they have available in their room. To do this, you should offer them suggestions on how to best place the furniture. That way they’ll see how they can have more free space to move about the room, exercise, carry out their hobbies, or simply to put a rug on the floor.

Another aspect you should take care of as of primary importance is the lighting. It’s essential to make the most of the window(s) as a source of natural light, as the best place to locate the study zone.

Desk lamps should function as auxiliary lighting sources, never the principal source of light. Of course, you can also install a Venetian blind, curtains or roller blinds.

Ideas for decorating teenagers’ bedrooms

1. Comfort and rest

As we mentioned earlier, to successfully decorate your teenagers’ bedrooms, apart from just looking after the basics, you can really achieve excellent results. How? You should make the most out of items so they suit the rest of the decor in the room. That way, you can make everything go together, and the decor will be even more harmonious.

Including a good blanket, pillow, and cushions to go with the curtains could be the first step to achieve a cozy bedroom.

Keep the same theme throughout when decorating your teenagers' bedrooms

When there’s enough space, you could place a beanbag (or armchair) in one corner to create a mini relaxation corner or even a cozy reading corner. This accessory has become popular in teenagers’ bedrooms over the last few decades.

2. Study area

The study area should be located close to a source of natural light. It should include the following basic items: a desk, chair, and a desk lamp.

You should also include objects that make it possible to organize, such as: books, notebooks, pens, and other study tools. And given that these days it’s common to work with a laptop, you should make sure that there is a power outlet close to the desk. That way your teenager can connect their devices.

You should ensure the study area doesn’t become cluttered with accessories or overdecorated. This can very easily distract them or make concentrating difficult. When decorating, try to stick to other points of the room. The clearer this work area is, the better.

There are accessory options that can be very attractive. You can find some that achieve their designed function but at the same time are a decorative item. Fromwastepaperr baskets to bookends, magazine holders, pen holders, and all sorts of objects. And the best thing is that they come in a wide variety of designs. You could browse and choose together with your teenager.

3. Interests, hobbies and pastimes

The decor of your teenagers’ bedrooms should be above all else a reflection of their personality. To achieve that, it’s important to give a certain prominence to their interests, pastimes or hobbies. This will help them to feel much more at home in their room.

Keep their interests and hobbies in mind when decorating your teenagers' bedrooms

In that sense, their interests should come to be a principal lead on how to develop the decorative theme. With regards to design and style, this can be as versatile as required. The most important thing is that your teenager can decide, taking into account their options and the possibilities that the room offers.

In conclusion

It’s not essential to invest large sums of money to decorate your teenagers’ bedrooms. On some occasions, with a good renovation of some items and other changes that will be enough. The key is found in looking for dynamic solutions, together with your teenager. You can achieve a result that’s both harmonious and attractive.