3 Rugs You Can Make Using Limited Materials

We could say that rugs are essential in a home.
3 Rugs You Can Make Using Limited Materials

Last update: 08 November, 2018

You use rugs in the hallway to clean your feet when you get home. You use one in the bathroom when you’re getting out of the shower. Your children’s room has a carpet or rug so they are comfortable while they play. It almost goes without saying that any space can have a carpet or rug.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make your own rugs. In addition, we’ll talk about how to do this using limited materials and spending as little money as possible. You’ll learn how to make a rug quickly and easily. Do you think it’s possible? Keep reading and discover how to do it.

Rugs with cork stoppers

The first proposal for a DIY carpet that we’ll discuss is probably the most original idea that you’ll come across. The best part about this is that you only need two materials: a piece of net and a lot of corks. 

To make this carpet you should begin by cutting a net or plastic sheet the size you would like to make the rug. Next, you should buy corks or collect used ones. With used corks, the carpet will have different shades which will give it a unique touch.

Once you have all the corks, split them in half so that there are two elongated parts with a flat side. Buy contact glue that is resistant to moisture. All you have to do now is to put the rug together. Glue the flat side of the cork and stick it to the plastic sheet. After you’ve covered the plastic, the carpet is done and ready to use. The result will be a rugged curved surface carpet.

These types of rugs are very resistant. Therefore, you can use them in any space in your house. Surprise your guests with a cork rug in the hall. You can also use them in the bathroom for wet feet after a shower or bath.

Die-cut rugs

Cut rugs are perfect for the smallest rooms in your house. A good way to use them is to recycle some old carpet that’s outdated or that you no longer use. This will give them a second life while you also have the chance to save money and time before you need to buy a new carpet.

To make a die-cut carpet all you need is a resistant stencil and scissors. If the carpet is too think, it’s better to use something more heavy duty than scissors. You don’t want to damage to the carpet.

Begin the process by drawing the cutout on the stencil that you’re going to use. It can be a cloud, a sun, a flower, or just a circle. Then put the rug upside down and trace that drawing onto the rug. All you have to do next is cut it into the desired shape. If you’re not good at drawing, you can print a silhouette and then trace it.

You can create die-cut carpets for many spaces in your home. The only limit is your imagination.

Felt carpets

If you want an original and fun carpet, this is your best option. You just need the materials below and a little bit of patience.

First, you have to buy felt balls. The amount of balls depends on the size of the carpet you plan to make. You can buy them in several colors or just one. Our recommendation is that you buy them in different colors. The result is so much more fun and colorful. You’ll also need some water and thread.

Making a felt rug is simple, but it requires patience. First, sew the different balls together. All you need is a couple of stitches to make sure they’re secure. After you spend some time doing this you’ll have a chain of felt balls. 

circular rugs

Now you need to roll the whole strip into a spiral. You’ll gradually get a circle that becomes bigger and bigger. Next, sew the different rows together so that the circle remains fixed and the carpet doesn’t fall apart. Continue this process by adding as many felt balls as you want to make the carpet.

As you can see, you’ll have to invest several hours in making rugs like this. But when you finish, you’ll realize that the effort you put into making the rug was worth it. Just because you need to use a needle and thread, it doesn’t mean you have to know much about sewing.