Book Lovers: Decorate Your House with Books!

The perfect decoration scheme for any book lover.
Book Lovers: Decorate Your House with Books!

Last update: 26 December, 2018

You probably feel nostalgic about books after you finish them, so why not decorate your house with them? It will give your books a second life and doesn’t have to be simple. There are some amazingly intricate decorations you can create with them.

It’s also a great way to give your decorations personality, style, and elegance.

Today, we’re going to talk about all the options for decorating your house with books.

Decorating your house with books: is this crazy?

The world of decoration is for brave, adventurous people who aren’t afraid of things being different.

Using books to decorate your house might sound weird, but it will definitely make an impression on people.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to show that a book’s life doesn’t end when you finish it. It still has lots to offer.

Decorating with books also gives a special place to this part of our lives we hold so dear.

Using books to decorate your house is like preserving the nostalgia for written words in the face of the technological world that’s taking over.

So no, it’s not crazy to decorate with books. 

Important tips on how to decorate your house with books

As you can imagine, there are all kinds of books out there. But we’re not just talking about content, we’re talking about appearance.

There are thick books, thin ones, monochromatic, multicolor, etc…

So, to avoid visual chaos, you need to keep a few tricks in mind. These tricks will help you use books as a visually stimulating part of your decorative scheme.

Make groups

What we mean is that you should put together books with similar characteristics.

For example, choose 4 or 5 of the most important and put them “casually” on a table. To give it a more elegant touch, you could also put a flower pot, a candle, or a picture frame on top of them. 

hanging bookshelf

You could also make groups based on size (without worrying about thickness). 

But these are orderly, formal ways to use books to decorate your house. Further down, we’ll show you some ways to break the formality, let your imagination run free, and be stylish at the same time.


Another great way to decorate your house with books is by color.

If you have a neutral tone design scheme with colors like white or grey, one amazing idea is to stack books by their colors to make a gradientIt also gives monotone or simple bookshelves a nice added touch.

Let your creativity and imagination run free

If you want your book decorating to be truly bold and leave an impression, then let your imagination run wild. 

The most common place for books is on bookshelves. But forget about the classic kind, like in a library, and take a bolder step.


A bookshelf in the shape of a word? Why not!

This is a perfect way to decorate a big wall with your favorite word/s.

Obviously, it takes a bit more effort because you’ll have to have the shelf custom-made. Or, if you’re handy, you can make it yourself.

The last step is to fill it with your books.

You can also use this same idea, but with shapes. Trees are a common choice, and go well because of their relationship to books.

Another shelf idea we love is the kind where the books seem like they’re floating. The trick is that the bottom book is anchored to the wall so that you can stack more on top of it.

floating bookshelves

Can I use books for…?

You’re probably asking yourself this question now that you’ve seen all the things you can do with books. Here are some more ideas:

  • A headboard for your bed: if you’re a book lover, and have a lot, then you can make a dazzling headboard out of them. It’s a beautiful idea and it will say a lot about your bohemian, artistic personality.
  • A table with books for feet: all you need are four piles of tough books and a flat surface and voilàtable. Of course, you should make sure they’re ones you aren’t going to read again.
  • A base for anything: books can be coasters, nightstands, side tables, etc…Be creative and give them a second life!
  • Christmas to the max: are you tired of the typical Christmas tree? Then make your own out of books! You’ve probably seen it before at libraries or universities, but why not make your own?
  • For artists: for the true creatives, the artists out there, you can use books to make works of art in the hallways or on the walls of your house. Your house will look like an art gallery.
  • Wall art: these are like murals you make out of your special books. What you do is cover a wall in your most beautiful books, whether for the binding, the covers, or the materials that make them unique.
christmas tree made of books

You’ll have the art gallery without the expensive paintings.


As you can see, it’s easy to decorate your house with books, and it adds a lot of personality and style. 

The important thing here is to be a bit creative and bold. With these two qualities, you’ll create some amazing designs.