7 Types of Bookcase to Suit Every Home

Firstly, it's important to understand that bookcases are a reflection of the reader. As a result, they come in all different shapes and sizes.
7 Types of Bookcase to Suit Every Home

Last update: 13 December, 2022

A bookcase is a shelving unit used for storing books. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty, you might even be able to call your book collection a library. Any book-lover knows that everyone is very particular about their book collection and how they want to arrange them in their home.

Book-lovers and readers agree that when they buy a new series of books, they like to be able to be able to give them a specific place in their home. The aim is to maintain a sense of order and, of course, to ensure you can see every title clearly.

Bookcases – practical and decorative? 

Yes, bookcases aren’t just practical items; they can also be the perfect finishing touch to the decoration in your room. The part they play in your decoration will depend on their characteristics (the size, volume, design, material, color etc.)

For example, if you have a wooden bookcase decorated with lots of animal ornaments, you could include other accessories to help accentuate this detail.

When it comes to decorating, your imagination can have no limits. People who have simple bookcases often choose to use the colorful covers of their books as decoration. Organizing books by color is a really eye-catching look. It’s much more attractive than the traditional system of classifying books by author or genre.

When you get your decor just right, including the decor in your library, just seeing it can make you feel excitement at the prospect of sitting down to enjoy a good book. Details such as the order, the colors, the number of books per shelf and the decorations are important factors if you want to be able to enjoy your library to the full.

While some people organize their books by visual characteristics such as the color or the size of the books, others choose to categorize by purpose or genre. Sometimes, people also use their libraries to display specific collections.

5 types of bookcase for small homes

If you don't have much space, a small floating bookcase is a great option.

If you don’t have much space for a bookcase or you don’t want to clutter your room, there are a few great options which are both practical and visually stunning. We’ll show you some of the most versatile designs on the market:

  • The vertical bookcase: these tall, narrow bookcases usually have three or four shelves. Some even have wheels, which makes it considerably easier to move them.
  • The wheeled book trolley: these come in all different shapes and sizes. Their attraction lies in the ease with which you can incorporate them into almost any space. They are usually fairly low, allowing you access to your books.
  • The modular bookcase: these made-to-measure bookcases are designed to be put in one fixed place in the room. They take up very little space, so won’t clutter your home. You could locate these shelves in the space behind your bed, for example.
  • The floating bookcase: these are composed of several individual shelves. They’re usually small and fixed directly to the wall.
  • The recycled bookcase: you can recycle larger objects to create small bookshelves. You can make them from almost anything – old fruit crates, wooden pallets or ladders, amongst other things.

2 types of bookcase for spacious homes 

If you have plenty of space, you could even have a floor-to-ceiling bookcase.

Obviously, if you have plenty of space, you can have a much larger bookcase in any design you want. Larger versions of the types we’ve already discussed in this article are great options, but you could also have:

  • Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf walls: every wall of the room is lined with row upon row of books. A veritable paradise for bookworms who dream of a treasure trove of books.
  • Shaped bookcases: the bookcase takes the form a picture – circles, shells, ships, trees… With their eye-catching designs, they’re great for decorating bedrooms, living room, and entrance halls.

In short, the bookcase you choose will depend on the amount of space you have and the type of reader you are. If your home is a little on the small side, but you have a huge appetite for books, we would recommend that you dedicate several different areas in your home to your books, rather than limiting yourself to a single wall.