Trending Indoor Plants for 2022

Find out all about the predicted trending indoor plants for 2022. There are so many options to suit all tastes, homes, and personalities.
Trending Indoor Plants for 2022

Last update: 16 April, 2022

Anyone who loves nature will be interested to know the trending indoor plants for 2022. On our list, you’ll find some of the plants are very easy to care for.  This will allow you to enjoy their beauty without having to invest a lot of time in gardening.

In addition to being beautiful, plants are part of your home decor. They add vitality, beauty and a unique natural touch. Of course, they should also represent you and complement your personality in terms of style, color and shape. This way you’ll feel comfortable sharing your home with them and they’ll bring you happiness each time you see them.

For you to choose the indoor plants you want to have and follow the trends of 2022, we’re going to tell you the general characteristics of each plant. On our list, you’ll find some plants such as ferns, ficus triangularis, ficus Audrey, and other species with and without flowers.

Bird from paradise

Large houseplants are very eye-catching and add quite a bit of vitality to any home. They’re ideal for spacious, avant-garde and illuminated spaces. Among the options that fit very well in this category are the ficus Audrey and the Strelitzia reginae, better known as the bird of paradise.

The first has no flowers and it stands out for having wide green leaves. The second has a flower that lives up to its name. The bird of paradise flower looks like a hummingbird and stands out for its yellow, orange, red, and purple colors.

Caring for your indoor plants will ensure optimal and healthy growth. Ideally, they should be placed next to windows through which the sun, light, and air can enter. These are fundamental aspects.

Small plants

If you’re looking for smaller or medium-sized houseplants, we recommend the small ficus species, such as the ficus triangularis. This bush has beautiful heart-shaped leaves that are deep green in the center with light green spots and a lighter edge.

The required care is basic and it only needs indirect light, moderate watering (every five days or so), and a well-drained substrate to avoid flooding. Its combination of colors, shape, and size makes it one of the most desired species. Equally, it looks great in both small and large homes.

Climbing plants with and without flowers

Experts in trending indoor plants for 2022 highlight that climbers such as Raphidophora will be very popular this year. This genus has up to 188 species that not only stand out for having large leaves, but are perennial and very showy.

In this same category, we can find indoor climbing plants such as ivy, Passiflora caerulea (also known as passionflower), the false jasmine, and clematis.

Which indoor plant will outshine all others in 2022?

Hanging ferns.

So far we’ve talked about different trending indoor plants for 2022, but there’s a particular plant that’s predicted to outshine all the others. Although it’s already well known, it’s going to steal our hearts this year. Can you guess what it is? Of course, it’s the fern!

Although many people associate it with gardens and terraces due to its large size, the trend for 2022 highlights its use indoors. This is a plant that requires humid spaces, so you’ll need to shelter it from the direct sun.

The huge advantage of ferns is that their care needs are basic, but they do need constant watering to keep the environment humid.


Next, we’ll detail the other plants that, according to experts, will be a trend in 2022. These plants will steal your attention for their delicate beauty.

  • Satin ficus: this plant has a satin appearance that attracts a lot of attention and makes it very delicate. It’s a tall species without width, so it grows very well in thin pots. Give it good light and water it constantly to ensure healthy growth.
  • The triumphant monstera: the long-reigning queen residing in many homes, this year will be no exception. This winning plant grows without complications and its leaves are abundant and beautiful. It grows naturally among trees and other shrubberies, so it doesn’t need too much light. 
  • Sansevieria: plant lovers won’t want to miss out on this species! With basic and simple care, it grows strong and beautiful and its needs are few and easy to meet. For example, it doesn’t require much light, it can live perfectly between 59 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, although it can support temperatures of up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit without a problem. Finally, it shouldn’t be overwatered, only water it when you see that the soil is dry.

Which indoor plants will you have?

We’ve told you all about the predicted trending indoor plants for 2022 and given you some great options and advice. Choose the plant or plants that you like the most and start the new year by filling your home with color and vitality.

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