Avant-Garde Decor: A New Style for Your Home

Avant-garde decor is one of the most innovative, original styles out there. Decorating your home in this style will give it character, personality, and simplicity.
Avant-Garde Decor: A New Style for Your Home

Last update: 07 February, 2019

There are times when you feel an urge to modernize your home and make it into a distinct space, with interesting new decor. If you’re feeling that way, read this article. We’re going to tell you all about the avant-garde style of home decor.

People tend to like traditional design, with formats and ideas that are pretty common at the end of the day. W hy not try taking your home decor in a more original, innovative direction?

Avant-garde art played an important role in the 20th century. But now its artistic philosophies have made their way into the world of decor. So, we’re going to tell you all about it as a style of decor, and how to apply it to your home.

Avant-garde home decor

Firstly, you have to know what this style is like. That obviously has a lot to do with the kind of furniture you choose. Avant-garde furniture speaks for itself, and simplicity reigns supreme in this home decor trend. 

Chairs, couches, and tables should all have simple, smooth lines. That’s a big part of what sets the avant-garde far apart from the waviness of a modernist home. This style isn’t about complexity, it’s about leaving space for the viewer to take in the decoration. 

industrial avant-garde apartment

It also favors a more spread out furniture distribution. You limit your decor to simple things and make it easier to move around in the space. In other words, you avoid cluttering the space but have more than just base-level items.

You also need to leave the walls bare so that their color plays its own part in the decor. On top of that, you want there to be a harmony between the colors of the furniture and the walls.

Simplicity is the main concept involved in avant-garde home decor. 


One of our favorite ideas here is to combine colors. This doesn’t mean blowing up your rooms with an explosion of colors, because that would make them uncomfortable to be in. You should only ever use two or three colors for a single space. 

  • Black and white: these colors are great for both the walls and furniture, and will create a nice harmony. It’s also nice to paint three walls white and one black.
  • Neutral colorsa combination of brown and gray, white and gray, white and brown, etc, are all great, simple options that can make a space look amazing.
  • White and purple: this is also a wonderful combination. Purple has a level of personality and intensity that the other colors just don’t.
  • Dark blue and gray: the blue gives off seriousness and the darkness contrasts nicely with gray. Remember: if you have a dark tone in a room, you always need to complement it with a lighter, brighter color.

Those are some of the most common combinations, but there are obviously lots of other options. If you aren’t feeling too bold, those four are a great guide for your avant-garde home.

The simplicity of this style includes your choice of colors.

Decorative layout

avant-garde dresser

What kind of decorations are common in this style? There are many answers to that question. Here are some examples of common pieces that work well.

  • Lamps with a round, hanging cover soften up a space. Lamps with that cut-off pyramid shape are great, too. You’ll also need to remember to choose one that goes well with your walls and furniture.
  • Framed objects: you want to hang one of these per wall, to call attention and leave the surfaces mostly bare. But what kinds of image are best for that? Landscapes, abstract, cubist, expressionist art, etc, are all good options.
  • Plants: just about any plant you can think of will add simplicity and freshen up a room. The green will also make the space feel more natural.
  • Other elements: jars, picture frames, candles, a TV, etc…as long as all these things come in simple lines and geometric shapes, they’ll help create a balance in your rooms.

Good lighting is fundamental

You need to have natural lighting inside your home with this style. Big windows will allow light to enter and highlight the shapes and colors in each room.

Of course, it’s impossible to use natural light all the time. So, you’ll need some artificial lighting, as long as it’s not so direct that it brightens the entire space. It’s best to have small spotlights in the ceiling or a central light.

The primary goals are to keep the light in a room soft, to give it an alternative, relaxed feel. This kind of lighting will bring a sense of comfort and calm, and help make your home feel livable and beautiful!

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